Track Chats: Anna Dailey

Anna Dailey, Garfield WA, won the 4A State 3200 title in 10:28.91.  She also has a 1600 PR of 4:49.41 and an 800 PR of 2:11.92.  She is off to Stanford in the Fall.  Read more about Anna below...



To read all the TrackChat Interviews, click here  How did you first get involved in the sport?

Anna Dailey:  My parents insisted that I participate in a school sport. I had been playing soccer on a recreational team and biking hills a lot before, and my parents had tried to get me to join track in middle school but I wasn’t ready. Starting high school, I joined cross country and realized that running was my favorite thing to do.  Who or what has had the biggest impact on your success?

Anna Dailey:  My parents have helped me the most. They have been able to show me that running is not about winning but that it is about being happy. When I started running, nerves held me back. Over the years, however, I have overcome the nerves. When I race, I keep in mind the fact that I have done my training and that whatever the outcome, all I care about is feeling good about how I ran, having fun racing, and that my friends had a good time (no matter what team they are from).  What has been your fondest memory about high school track & field?

Anna Dailey:  My freshman year, the whole track team bused to Yakima, WA at 4 in the morning for an invitational meet. The support and camaraderie of everyone on the team (especially the junior/senior “superstars”) made the atmosphere inspirational and festive. We were like a big family – the distance runners, sprinters, throwers, and jumpers – basking in the strength of our team as a unit. I haven’t had as much care-free fun since that meet.  If you could go back and change any one thing about high school what would it be?

Anna Dailey:  I would have learned to transition into the track season slower. Every year, I think I am invincible and manage to injure myself in the first few weeks. I go into the season knowing that I need to take it slow and somehow that never happens.  Where are you going to college?

Anna Dailey:  I am going to Stanford.  Why are you excited about going there?

Anna Dailey:  Because I am going to be able to run with people who are as excited about running as I am. It will also be nice to have some new running routes!  What kind of off-season training have you done in the past versus what you think you'll be doing this year?

Anna Dailey:  In the past, I didn’t really take off-season training too seriously. Over the years, however, I have slowly built up a mileage base in the off-season. For me, off-season running isn’t about results or training but is purely for enjoyment. In the future, I don’t see off-season training being much different.  Any advice that you'd give to high school athletes who look up to you and want to be a great athlete?

Anna Dailey:  Pay attention to pain, because that has been one of my biggest problems. Freshman year, I broke my foot because I ran on a stress fracture. This year, I have had a hamstring injury all season that has really caused me to slow down in workouts. Having patience is also important, because starting the season too fast usually results in burn out or injury by the end.


Here are some quick-fire fun questions...

Favorite movie?
As of right now, it would have to be Chariots of Fire. My movie to regain perspective.

Favorite quote?
“If I lose forcing the pace all the way, well, at least I can live with myself.” Steve Prefontaine

Greatest American Idol ever?
Kara Goucher.

Pet peeve?
People who don’t work hard but still expect results.

If you were lost on a deserted island and could only bring one (non-life-essential) item what would it be?
A paintbrush.



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