Track Chats: Chelsey Sveinsson


Chelsey Sveinsson, Greenhill TX, recently won the 3200 at the Texas Relays with a US#1 time of 10:07.15.  Sveinsson had run a US#1 1600 time of 4:45.24 the week earlier at the Jesuit-Sheaner Relays.  Chelsey has some lofty goals for this year, and beyond.  Read on to learn more about Chelsey...

  You've thrown down the gauntlet early this season with a 10:07.15 and 4:45.24 so far this outdoor season.  Did you expect to be running those times in March?

Chelsey Sveinsson:  I definitely expected to be in the 4:40's for the mile early on.  However, a fast time for the 2 mile was not something I was particularly shooting for.  I feel pretty strong right now and my season seems to be just a continuation from last year's.  What time goals have you set for the year?  Championship goals?  Any you care to share with us?

Chelsey Sveinsson:  I like to keep my goal times a secret.  But, I definitely want to make the World Junior team and make top 3 at Worlds.  What is your favorite event?  Why?

Chelsey Sveinsson:  I like both the 1600m and the 3200m.  Maybe the 1600m a little more since I've run it so much, but I like the strategy aspect of the 3200m, which makes the event fun and challenging.  What do you enjoy most about competing?

Chelsey Sveinsson:  I like winning, of course!  But what I enjoy most is having a good race with good competition.  Also, I have developed a lot of connections and friendships through competitions with people that I've lined up with at the starting line.  Plus, traveling to different states and countries is fun too!  Do you have a favorite workout that you enjoy?  Why this workout?  What is the best you have done in this workout?

Chelsey Sveinsson:  I love progression runs!  My runs can be 5-7 miles long and I usually run them around White Rock Lake, which is a nice change of scenery from the school campus.  I love this workout because I love the feeling of running fast, especially the last couple of miles.  The attention is nice too.  There are a lot of people who run around that area, so I get so many wide-eyed stares as I jiggy past people on the trail.  What is your competition schedule like for the rest of the Spring?

Chelsey Sveinsson:  I have two more meets on my school schedule and about 4 big meets mixed in with some small local meets.  What has been your most memorable competition to date in your running career?  Why does this one stand out?

Chelsey Sveinsson:  Last year's World Youth Championship was amazing.  I was taken aback that there were girls my age that were incredibly faster than me.  That meet made me realize that I have a whole lot more work to do if I truly want to be the best.  What do you like to do with your time when you aren't competing or practicing?  Hobbies?  Activities with friends?

Chelsey Sveinsson:  I love being with my dogs.  I have a pug, a wheaten terrier, a boston terrier, and a dachsund.  They're just really personable and fun to be around.  My friends and I try to get together but we are all pretty busy.  One has a part time job and the other is a world-class taekwondo athlete.  I also like shopping and hanging out with my mom.  We're pretty close.  Since she was an athlete, she can relate to a lot of the feelings and experiences that I have being a runner.  What role models do you have in T&F?  Why?

Chelsey Sveinsson:  I met Bernard Lagat and Ana Pierce last year at the Reebok meet in New York.  They were the only athletes that really took the time to talk to me and give me advice.  When I first saw them I was star-struck but I after taking with them for those few minutes, I really began to appreciate who they were as people and athletes.  Who do you look up to outside of T&F?  Why?

Chelsey Sveinsson:  Definitely, I look up to my mom.  It is amazing how much this woman cares and does for me every single day.  She is the epitome of "Super Mom".  I hope that when I grow up I am just as in charge of my life and as passionate as she is.  Where do you see yourself at the end of your high school career?  What aspirations do you have for college and beyond?

Chelsey Sveinsson:  I have my eyes set on the 2012 Olympics.  England is my mom's home town, so that would be an omen of some sort if I was to make the team.  College-wise, I hope to keep improving my times and, if God be willing, go professional.