Track Chats: Alex Collatz

Alex Collatz, Stockdale CA, won the discus at NON last spring with a throw of 162-6.  Collatz had a PR of 177-0 from last year, and she has already thrown 180-9 this year!  Read on to learn more about Alex...

  You've thrown 172-2 in the disc so far this outdoor season.  How are you feeling about your technical ability and strength right now?

Alex Collatz:  Actually, I have thrown 180' 9" on March 12.  I feel really good about where I am at technically at this point in the year, but there is always work to be done.  My strength levels are better than last year, and I hope to improve upon them for next year.  Have you decided on your goals for the year?  Any you care to share with us?

Alex Collatz:  I really don't have any specific distance goals.  I just want to continue to get better and do well at the big meets.  If  I can be consistently in the 170's then I know a big throw will just happen.  What is your favorite throwing event?  Why?

Alex Collatz:  Discus is my favorite throwing event, because I've been doing it for so long.  I don't practice the shot much and have no experience with the hammer or javelin.  Do you have a favorite workout that you enjoy?  Why this workout?

Alex Collatz:  My favorite workouts would probably be my jumping workouts.  I really feel these workouts help me with my throwing.  I high jump, long jump, and triple jump at meets, and I feel that these events help increase my athleticism and are a big part of my throwing success.  Are you planning on going to any major invitationals this spring?  If so, which ones?

Alex Collatz:  I plan on going to Arcadia, Mt. Sac, Golden West, and New Balance Outdoor Nationals.  What has been your most memorable competition to date?  Why does this one stand out?

Alex Collatz:  My most memorable competition was at the California State Prelims (2009), where I threw 177'0" and broke the national sophomore record.  I felt like all my hard work had finally paid off.  What do you like to do with your time when you aren't competing or practicing?  Hobbies?  Activities with friends?

Alex Collatz:  With my schedule, filled with training and my studies, I dont have a whole lot of free time, but when I get the chance I love to spend time with my family and friends, read a good book, and listen to music.  I also play volleyball for my school.  What role models do you have in T&F?  Why?

Alex Collatz:  I wouldn't say that I have a specific role model in Track&Field, because I admire all of those who are successful within the sport.  I understand how difficult it is to be the best, and I know that it takes so much dedication, sacrifice, and hard work to achieve success.  Who do you look up to outside of T&F?  Why?

Alex Collatz:  There is no doubt, I look up to my dad, Alan Collatz.  He teaches me about life while pushing me to be the very best I can be.  He pushes me in ways that no one else can, and I hope to be a powerful influence like him someday (Alan was a '92 Olympic Trials qualifier in the javelin, and has coached 97 All-Americans and 24 national champions at Cal State Bakersfield).  What are your throwing aspirations for college and beyond?

Alex Collatz:  I plan on going to a four year college somewhere, and while I don't have any specific goals just yet, ultimately, I would just like to continue to improve with each year, and just see where that takes me.