Track Chats: Jill Rushin

Jill Rushin, Jackson MO, launched the shot 49-2.50 for US#1 last week to set herself up nicely for a 50'+ throw by the end of the season.  She also wants to throw 160' in the discus.  Despite these lofty goals she keeps plenty busy outside of the throwing circle as well.  Read on for more...

  49-2.5 at the beginning of the outdoor season.  How are you feeling about your technical ability and strength right now?

Jill Rushin:  I'm feeling great, I know that there is still technique I need to work on. My strength is increasing, I know my legs are getting stronger and my lifts are going up.  Have you decided on your goals for the year for the shot?  What are your goals for the other throws?

Jill Rushin:  My goal for the shot this year is to get over 50' , and I'm almost there. My goal in the discus is 160'.  What is your favorite throwing event?  Why?

Jill Rushin:  Shot put is my favorite event as of right now. Though it doesn't go as far as the discus, it's still a great event and I like the feeling at the end of the throw, it's powerful.  Do you have a favorite workout that you enjoy?  Why this workout?

Jill Rushin:  My favorite workout would be my ab workout because it consists of so many different positions, and you can switch it up every time.  Are you planning on going to any major invitationals this spring?  If so, which ones?

Jill Rushin:  I'm planning on going to the Kansas Relays, it's a great meet and will have great competition.  What has been your most memorable competition to date?  Why does this one stand out?

Jill Rushin:  Nike Outdoor Nationals 2009, Greensboro, NC.  This meet had great competition, and I got a PR of 47' 10.5'' , I got second, and I scratched on a 50' throw.  This meet showed me 50' was in reach.  What do you like to do with your time when you aren't competing or practicing?  Hobbies?  Activities with friends?

Jill Rushin:  I like to hang out with my friends and watch movies.  I love to sing and am in choir.  I enjoy acting and am in plays.  Right now my friends and I our working on an act for "Pop Concert," it is a Spring variety show that choir does.  We are performing "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benetar.  What role models do you have in T&F?  Why?

Jill Rushin:  I have two role models that I look up to.  The first is one of my best friend Brianna Egbuka.  I threw against her my freshman year and have always looked up to her.  She throws at Southeast Missouri State University now.  The second is Christian Cantwell.  He is number one in the world right now.  I saw him throw at Mizzou T&F camp my freshman year and was amazed.  I would love to be like him.  Who do you look up to outside of T&F?  Why?

Jill Rushin:  I look up to my parents because they work really hard so that I can go the places I compete and do the things that I do.  They are my #1 fans and support me in whatever I do.  I hope I can be like that for my children.  I look up to Michael Phelps because he did what some people believed was impossible.  I am a huge fan of his, and his performance in 2008 really got me thinking about the Olympics more.  Are you going to be throwing in college and have you decided on a college yet?  If so, what excites you most about collegiate competition?

Jill Rushin:  I will be throwing for Mizzou next year and am extremely excited.  The college competition will be great and I will get to meet so many new people.  I'm so excited about the awesome teammates I will have.  I can't wait.