Track Chats: Jason Lee

Jason Lee, Northside LA, put up an early-season US#1 blast in the 200 meter dash of 20.68.  Jason was surprised by his time, but hopes to run much faster one day.  Read on for more...


  10.57 and 20.68 already.  Big drops from your best times last year, are you surprised by that?

Jason Lee:  Actually I was, I never thought I was going to run a 20 until the end of the season.  What do you think that you are capable of in each event this year?  Where will your focus be, 100 or 200?

Jason Lee:  I believe I am capable of running 10's in the 100 and 21 or 20's in the 200.
  My focus is mainly on the 200.  How long have you been involved with track and field?  When did you first start experiencing success?

Jason Lee:  I ran one year in middle school and counting this year will be my third in high school, so I guess you can say 4 years.  I started experiencing success in my junior year when I won all of my 200 races for the whole season.  Who has been your biggest motivator as you have gone through your career?

Jason Lee:  My older brother.  He's been to almost everyone of my meets and motivated me to do better each time.  Who is your role model in the track world, why?

Jason Lee:  Usain Bolt, ever since watching him run at the Olympics I wanted to get as fast as him so I can at least run against him, maybe at the next Olympics.  Who is your role model in the real world, why?

Jason Lee:  My father, he ran track for his high school and college years and I wanted to run just like him and try to beat his times as well.  What big invitationals are you going to be competing at this year?

Jason Lee:  I don't know really, I just go to any track meet we have and do my best.  When you aren't competing or practicing what do you enjoy doing with friends?

Jason Lee:  Just hanging out, playing video games, go watch movies, whatever we are able to do.  What is the most exciting thing about competing in an event like the 100 and 200?

Jason Lee:  Having a good, close race in the 100.  As for the 200, the only exciting thing that has happened other than running a 20.68 would have to be when I ran against my little brother.  What are your long-term goals for next year, college?

Jason Lee:  I want to run track obviously, but I also want to be a game designer so I'm stuck between choosing to go to LSU or UL.