Track Chats: Jerron Robinson

Jerron Robinson, Fort Bend Travis TX, put up an early-season US#1 mark in the high jump with a leap of 7-00 earlier this month.  The sky is the limit for the goals Jerron has for this season.  Read on for further details...
  When did you get your start in track and field?  Has the high jump always been your specialty?
Jerron Robinson:  I started track & field in 2001.  High jump hasn't always been the thing I've done, I started jumping my freshmen year.  What workouts do you do to be able to jump that high?  What is your favorite workout?
Jerron Robinson:  I do alot of jump roping and I also do alot of running and lifting weights.  These help my legs out.  My favorite workout is running the stairs, it makes your legs stronger.  What technique do you use to get over the bar?  Do you have anyone to push you in practice?
Jerron Robinson:  I start off with the bar low to practice on my form first, then I move the bar up when I feel like I have the technique down where I want it.  My coach, John Newton, always pushes me hard everyday and makes sure I'm doing the right things to make me stronger.  He's a very good coach.  Who do you look up to in the sports world?  Why?  Who is your off-track role model, and why?
Jerron Robinson:  No one really, I look up to my brother who goes to the University of Iowa, Jeffery Herron, he's a high jumper as well.  He is the reason why I started to do high jump
and he also taught me alot of things that I didnt know.  You hit 7-1 last spring and 7-0 already this year.  What heights do you hope to reach this spring?
Jerron Robinson:  This might sound crazy but this year I want to be able to hit 7'4 or higher and I think I can be able to do that by working hard and keeping my focus.  What big invitationals do you plan on competing in this spring?
Jerron Robinson:  Texas Relays.  When you aren't practicing or competing what do you enjoy doing?
Jerron Robinson:  Looking up other high jumper's stats and what they have done, to see where I need to be because I always want to be number one; and on the top.