On The Line: Emma Zawatski, H.S. Openers And Ocean Breeze

On this week's episode of On The Line, Cory and Olivia speak with one of New Jersey's top distance runners, then delve into openers, fast times in Boston, the start of the indoor state championship period and more ahead for the weekend. 

Podcast Segments: 

  • An interview with Freehold Township's Emma Zawatski [0:55]
  • Big times and performances in Boston [14:20]
  • Ryan Pajak, Jonathan Simms and Clay Shively debut [18:44]
  • It's the start of indoor state championships this weekend [25:40]
  • National Record Watch: The girls SMR [29:00]
  • National Meet of the Week: The Ocean Breeze Invitational [33:00]

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