On The Line: New Year, New Storylines And New Records

On today's episode, we're going to rewind to the weekend, we'll dive into the MileSplit50, we'll examine a ridiculous National Record from the past and then we'll outline what's happening this weekend, including our national meet of the week, The VA Showcase.

Podcast Segments: 

  • One Thing That Impressed Us From The Weekend [2:20]
  • One Thing That Surprised Us From The Weekend [4:50]
  • Will Our No. 1 Athletes Stay At No. 1 This Indoor Season? [7:20]
  • Will Anyone Put Down Robby Andrews' 1K National Record From 2009? [13:20]
  • The First Big Indoor In Florida Is Approaching. Here's Who You Should Watch. [16:40]
  • The Most Impressive National Record From The VA Showcase [19:35]
  • Mia And Adaejah Are Top Draws At The VA Showcase [23:30]
  • The Boys Athlete We Think Will Impress At VA [32:50]

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