Here Are 10 Gift Ideas You Can Give Runners This Christmas

The holidays are fast approaching, which means that if you are on this website, you are probably a runner, a coach, a parent of a runner or someone with interest in running. 


Well, you're in luck, because we know a thing or two about this sport and what its athletes and teams enjoy, wear and employ every day. Below, we've put together a list of 10 things that a runner in your life might love for the holidays. 

Whether it's a simple gesture or a bigger one, remember it's the thought that counts! 

Check out our list below. 

10. MileSplit/FloTrack Subscription 


This makes perfect sense, no? Whether you want to keep up with your own personal stats or your team's, follow the sport, read about your state's or the nation's best athletes, watch live events, listen to commentary or simply be more informed about cross country and track and field, MileSplit and FloTrack are a perfect source for all of your needs. 

We have in-depth content, athlete interviews, coverages and streams of the best meets, thousands of pictures and various podcasts. 

MileSplit Subscription

FloTrack Subscription

9. Ciele Athletics Hat


If you're looking for a hat that's light-weight, breathable, stylish and "in," may I present to you Ciele. Runners (and endurance athletes) near and far have been sporting these bad boys for quite some time. They have various styles and at different prizes. We've featured the Ciele Atheltics GoCap.  $39.95

8. Split Shorts 


Split shorts are a way of life. And in recent times, we have had many options for them. ChicknLegs offer various styles, patterns, sizes and vibes. They are a good bet for your runner. 


7. Without Limits Rental

(Free on YouTube/Roku -- for purchase on Amazon/Google/Apple)


There are differing takes on this one. If you aren't aware, there are two Hollywood movies produced on the life and times of Steve Prefontaine, the famed Oregon athlete and Olympian who died in a car crash in 1975 in Eugene.

Your two choices:

Without Limits (1998) -- featuring Billy Crudup

Prefontaine (1997) -- featuring Jared Leto

Each movie has their own strengths, but for our money, Without Limits is the better feature. Just trust us. 

6. Various Garmin Watch Options


All runners have watches. Most of us have more than one. The majority of us have rotated our watches over time, upgraded them, connected them with BlueTooth, logged on Strava, all the things. So, if you're in the need of an upgrade, or simply want to get your significant-other-runner a special something, this is a pretty simple execution. 

Garmin Options

Venu 2S - $399.99

Forerunner 265 - $449.99

Forerunner 965 - $599.99

Apple Options

Fitbit Options

Fitbit Sense 2 - $229.95

Google Pixel Watch 2 - $349.99

5. KeyOne Spike Covers


The sprinter in your life will understand this one. You know what's annoying? Walking on asphalt with spikes on. Or walking anywhere (that isn't a track) with spikes on. So KeyOne has it figured out here. These specific covers fit over any spike, providing a stable ground and a more convenient path to your next event. 

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4. Pit Viper Sunglasses


Hey, I don't decide the vibes, the vibes just happen, man. If you're an athlete or the parent of a young athlete, chances are you're in the market for some cool shades. Nowadays, you have to rep some swag alongside that talent on the track. What better way than a pair of Pit Vipers (or a comparative product). 

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3. Firefly Recovery Band 


For the serious athlete in your life, the firefly recovery band is a revolutionary device that helps the body recover by increasing blood flow throughout the body, increasing blood flow by as much as 400-percent. A small band fits around the knee, meaning you can also use it anywhere and anytime. 

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2. Various Book Options! 


Running Up The Mountain: Northern Arizona Altitude, Lumberjack Attitude, and the Building of a Distance Dynasty

-- Matt Baxter & Ron Mann, $28.95 (2023) 

Building Championship Cross Country Programs

--- Doug Soles, $19.99 (2022)

The Longest Race: Inside The Secret World Of Abuse, Doping, And Deception On Nike's Elite Running Team

-- Kara Goucher, $15.79 (2023)

Running with the Buffaloes: A Season Inside With Mark Wetmore, Adam Goucher and University of Colorado Men's Cross Country Team -- 

-- Chris Lear, $14.89 (2011)

Good For A Girl: A Woman Running In A Man's World

-- Lauren Fleshman, $20.49 (2023)

1. Running Shoes


There are various models, prices, features and strengths with any shoe, so it's best to test and size first-hand before making any purchase. 

But here are some really good options for the holidays. 

Brooks Glycerin - $160

Under Armor Velociti 3 - $130

Tracksmith Eliot Runner - $198