Elizabeth Leachman, A Week Wiser, Wins Foot Locker Nationals

* Boerne Champion's Elizabeth Leachman earned the Foot Locker Nationals title on Saturday

Photo Credit: Raymond Tran/MileSplit

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SAN DIEGO, Ca. -- Elizabeth Leachman is one to learn from past experiences. 

On Saturday, she used last week's disappointing finish at Nike Cross Nationals -- the Texan finished 15th a week ago, despite leading through 4K -- to her advantage, surging ahead during the second half of her 5,000 meter race at Foot Locker Nationals to earn her first national cross country title in a time of 16:50.7. 

Leachman grabbed the lead over Rachel Forsyth into the second dog loop at Balboa Park and then extended it through the final two hills, gapping the field by 14 seconds. 

Lynchburg's (VA) Allie Zealand was second in 17:04.5, while Forsyth, the Ann Arbor Pioneer (MI) senior, was third in 17:08.3. 

Behind Leachman and Zealand, the South Region absolutely destroyed the competition, scoring 22 points and accumulating five finishes inside the top eight placements. 

Independence's (TN) Jayne Halterman was seventh and Flower Mound's (TX) Samantha Humphries was eighth in 17:44.5. 

Ruth White scored the Northeast's top finish in sixth (17:43.1), while La Jolla's (CA) Chiara Dailey -- a fan favorite who got the biggest ovation at the start line -- was 11th in 17:53.1.

Saturday's race was hosted through hot conditions which led to two DNFs. 

* Pioneer's Rachel Forsyth at the finish

Photo Credit: Raymond Tran/MileSplit 

1Elizabeth Leachman10Boerne Champion16:50.70
2Allie Zealand12Pacers Homeschool17:04.50
3Rachel Forsyth12Ann Arbor Pioneer17:08.30
4Mary Bonner Dalton12Myers Park17:28.10
5Addison Knoblauch12Homestead High School17:43.00
6Ruth White12Orono High School17:43.10
7Jaynie Halterman12Independence High School17:43.40
8Samantha Humphries12Flower Mound17:44.50
9Jessica Jazwinski11Hart17:45.90
10Zariel Macchia11William Floyd17:49.30
11Chiara Dailey10La Jolla (SD)17:53.10
12Reese Dalton12The Covenant School17:55.40
13Abby Faith Cheeseman11The Webb School17:56.30
14Ellie Shea12Belmont High School17:56.50
15Maddie Gardiner12The Covenant School18:05.60
16Payton Meineke10Riverdale Ridge High School18:08.40
17Addison Dorenkamp12Valley High School18:09.10
18Sophia Rodriguez9Mercer Island High School18:15.00
19Libby Dowty10Indian Creek High School18:17.50
20Victoria Garces11Midland Dow18:18.50
21Katherine Bohlke12Newington High School18:21.50
22Emily Cohen10Cherry Creek High School18:22.10
23Ruby Ihmels9Timberline High School (Boise)18:26.40
24Maya De Brouwer11La Canada (SS)18:26.70
25Shea Volkmer12Campolindo (NC)18:30.10
26Melisse Djomby Enyawe12Corona del Mar (SS)18:32.70
27Nicki Southerland12Delta High School18:33.60
28Reena Hsieh11Arcadia (SS)18:34.30
29Cailey Bracken12Mountain Ridge High School18:34.60
30Zoie Lamanna12Jefferson Forest18:40.30
31Dylan McElhinney11Hunter College Campus Schools18:44.50
32Aoife Shovlin11Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School18:49.70
33Liliah Gordon11Northern Burlington Reg. HS18:49.80
34Logan St. John Kletter12Mount Lebanon18:54.50
35Eleanor Raker11Galena High School18:57.20
36Liv Phillips12Naperville (Central)19:08.50
37Lily Lyons10Greenwich Academy19:13.40
38Olivia Williams12Acalanes (NC)19:24.90