Who Wins NXN? MileSplit Makes Its Predictions!

* Boerne Champion's Elizabeth Leachman has turned into a title-contender this year after her win at NXR South

Photo Credit: Texas MileSplit

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Nike Cross Nationals if fast approaching, and with this year's title-race comes predictions. 

The MileSplit staff recently convened and went over their predictions ahead of the race on Dec. 2 in Portland, Oregon. With this year's installment featuring an array of veterans, underclassmen and absolute beasts, the decisions proved difficult. 

Check out the staff's picks below. 

milesplit staffgirls winnergirls runner-upGirls 3rd-place
Cory MullElizabeth LeachmanGianna RahmerEmily Wisniewski
Olivia EkponeRachel ForsythElizabeth LeachmanEmily Wisniewski
Ashley TysiacElizabeth LeachmanRachel ForsythAllie Zealand
Joe BattagliaElizabeth LeachmanEmily WisniewskiRachel Forsyth
Maxx BradleyRachel ForsythElizabeth LeachmanEmily Wisniewski
Therese BreithauptElizabeth LeachmanRachel ForsythEmily Wisniewski

milesplit staffboys winnerboys runner-up boys 3rd-place
Cory MullDaniel SimmonsAden BandukwalaNathan Neil
Olivia EkponeClay ShivelyDaniel SimmonsJoe Barrett
Ashley TysiacDaniel SimmonsNathan NeilCameron Todd
Joe BattagliaDaniel SimmonsJoe BarrettNathan Neil
Maxx BradleyClay ShivelyDaniel SimmonsRobert Mechura
Therese BreithauptRobert MechuraDaniel SimmonsEthan Edgeworth

milesplit staffboys team title winnergirls team title winner
Cory MullAmerican ForkAir Academy
Olivia EkponeAmerican ForkAir Academy
Ashley TysiacAmerican ForkNiwot
Joe BattagliaHerrimanAir Academy
Maxx BradleyAmerican ForkNiwot
Therese BreithauptBelen JesuitNiwot