Herriman, American Fork Set To Clash In Epic State Duel

The top two boys teams in the United States are squaring off on Tuesday at the Utah State Cross Country Championships. 

Very rarely has a fall season provided theatrics this big in a statewide competition. 

So the stakes couldn't be higher on Tuesday -- literally at 4,200 feet of elevation -- at the Regional Athletic Complex in Salt Lake City as six classifications lineup for the final state series race of the season. 

The No. 1 Herriman boys are still holding on to the top spot in the country after their performance in the Divisional round; The Mustangs covered the Lakeside Sports Park course in Orem in 15:58, clocking a nine-second spread. More impressive, though, was the fact that the team's top seven runners finished in places two through eight. 

The No. 2 American Fork boys, meanwhile, won the section A race in an average of 15:52, spitting back a compression of 49 seconds.

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Something has to give. 

Of course, that's only the tip of the iceberg.

The 32nd-ranked Riverton boys also have stakes in that race. The U.S. No. 16 Orem boys are also racing, though they'll avoid the bloodshed in Class 4A -- though the state title could get interesting with Mountain View's Kyle Steadman and Orem's Austin Westfall

On the girls side, national No. 1 Jane Hedengren is hoping to repeat in Class 5A alongside teammate Lily Alder; the pair are currently ranked No. 1 and 2 in the statewide 5K rankings. 

Meanwhile, in the Class 6A girls final, Andie Aagard and her Lone Peak girls will not have it easy with the likes of American Fork's up-and-coming bunch, either. 

Just How Will The Boys 6A Race Shake Out? 


The main point of contention is that Class 6A boys race. 

The Cavemen have lost just once this year -- to Herriman -- but that result came on Sept. 1.

American Fork has improved since then. In fact, if we were to go merely by averages, the Cavemen had the edge over Herriman at Divisionals. But we know these things can be measured. 

Herriman's pack running was impeccable in the section B race. 

That being said, every point will count on Tuesday, especially if American Fork bundles the top three places together. 

Digging a little deeper, American Fork has secured the higher speed rating average on the season. Ironically enough, though, the Cavemen actually lost that very race by placement. 

So while American Fork has been slightly better over the month of October, perhaps much of that is shadowed by the gray matter of racing. Ultimately, what will matter on Tuesday will be that final score.

We could see one of the best state championship performances in some time between these two. 

programstatedatespeed ratingsaverage
American ForkUTOct. 10190, 181, 178, 175, 173179.4
American ForkUTOct. 3186, 179, 179, 174, 172178
American ForkUTSept. 22189, 178, 175, 175, 171177.6
American ForkUTSept. 13188, 175, 175, 174, 173177
American Fork UTSept. 1192, 178, 177, 177, 176180
American Fork UTAug. 26194, 178, 171, 169, 157173.8

programstatedatespeed ratingsaverage
HerrimanUTOct. 10179, 179, 177, 176, 176177.4
HerrimanUTOct. 4179, 177, 175, 175, 174176
HerrimanUTSept. 23182, 181, 180, 178, 177179.6
Herriman UTSept. 1187, 179, 177, 177, 174178.8
Herriman UTAug. 26181, 176, 175, 173, 173175.6

The Utah State XC Championship Schedule: 

10:00 a.m. -- Class 1A Girls

10:30 a.m. -- Class 5A Girls

11:00 a.m. -- Class 1A Boys

11:30 a.m. -- Class 5A Boys

12:30 p.m. -- Class 2A Girls

1:00 p.m. -- Class 4A Girls

1:30 p.m. -- Class 2A Boys

2:00 p.m. -- Class 4A Boys

3:00 p.m. -- Class 3A Boys

3:30 p.m. -- Class 6A Boys

4:00 p.m. -- Class 3A Boys

4:30 p.m. -- Class 6A Boys

Class 6A Boys Field -- (Per RunnerCard)

First Namelast namegradeschool
BenBradshawSrAmerican Fork HS
KadenEvansJrAmerican Fork HS
BenJasterSrAmerican Fork HS
NoahNielsonSrAmerican Fork HS
MaxwellOrrSrAmerican Fork HS
ChasePackSrAmerican Fork HS
DanielSimmonsSrAmerican Fork HS
IsaacAllenSrBingham HS
JaceDyeSrBingham HS
WillEvershedJrBingham HS
IsaiahGilbertJrBingham HS
DeaganGoldSoBingham HS
CalebMcDonaldSrBingham HS
TannerOrtonSrBingham HS
MatthewLordSoCopper Hills HS
CorbinRiserJrCopper Hills HS
CadenTimm-DuShaneSrCopper Hills HS
BrockDomanFrCorner Canyon
MattDornySrCorner Canyon
RyanEtheringtonSoCorner Canyon
ZachLewisSoCorner Canyon
PhinMayerJrCorner Canyon
GraysonMilneSrCorner Canyon
ErickYuanJrCorner Canyon
JonasClayFrDavis HS
JeffCookSrDavis HS
IsaacLundbergSrDavis HS
CadeRawlingsJrDavis HS
CarterRawlingsJrDavis HS
JonnyReedJrDavis HS
GabeTrujilloSoDavis HS
IzaacCroslandSrFarmington HS
JoshHalversonSrFarmington HS
KodaHildrethJrFarmington HS
EthanLundJrFarmington HS
TylerMuirbrookSrFarmington HS
JacobScottJrFarmington HS
LandonSturgeonJrFarmington HS
TrevorCarltonSrFremont HS
BeauJenkinsFrFremont HS
GrahamJudkinsSoFremont HS
BlakePilkingtonFrFremont HS
JohnnyPoulsonJrFremont HS
ConnerSmedleyJrFremont HS
ZachSteogerFrFremont HS
JackBeckstromSrHerriman HS
MaxHofheinsSrHerriman HS
TayshaunOgomoJrHerriman HS
WilliamSteadmanSrHerriman HS
JonahTangJrHerriman HS
MicahTangJrHerriman HS
HyrumWoodSrHerriman HS
JosephBurtonSrLayton HS
DalinHoljeSrLayton HS
EliasNalderSrLayton HS
ColinPugmireSoLayton HS
DavisRydmanSrLayton HS
TresonSwensonSrLayton HS
JonathonThornleyJrLayton HS
ParkerAllredJrLehi HS
BenjaminKnightonSrLehi HS
CarterLanengaJrLehi HS
BensonQuistSrLehi HS
AustinSorensenSoLehi HS
DerekSorensonSrLehi HS
JaxtenWiltbankSrLehi HS
CooperBybeeJrLone Peak HS
MarkBybeeSrLone Peak HS
BrentClarkSrLone Peak HS
GrantHejnySoLone Peak HS
TylerPalmerSoLone Peak HS
NathanRummlerSrLone Peak HS
BradyWildeJrLone Peak HS
JarenBarnesSrMountain Ridge HS
LanceBelcherSrMountain Ridge HS
TylerBrackenSoMountain Ridge HS
ZacBurgessSoMountain Ridge HS
NathanBurninghamSrMountain Ridge HS
GarrettCallahanSrMountain Ridge HS
AshtonPedersenJrMountain Ridge HS
MatthewBennionSoPleasant Grove HS
CarsonGurrJrPleasant Grove HS
ZachHillhouseSrPleasant Grove HS
KaseRadmallFrPleasant Grove HS
KyeComishSrRiverton HS
SamuelGhizSrRiverton HS
TysonGublerSoRiverton HS
GageHelmSrRiverton HS
LukeHornerSrRiverton HS
AndrewLudwigSrRiverton HS
CorbinRandallJrRiverton HS
AaronCaldwellSrSkyridge HS
EdwardFullerJrSkyridge HS
DevanGreeneSrSkyridge HS
TaylorKjarJrSkyridge HS
EzraNelsonSrSkyridge HS
CooperTrippJrSkyridge HS
GrantWelshSrSkyridge HS
DrewEvansJrSyracuse HS
JacksonSpencerSoSyracuse HS
ErikBryantFrWeber HS
BennettHarknessSrWeber HS
FranklinMonsonSrWeber HS
HunterAirdJrWestlake HS
MatyasBirdSoWestlake HS
IsaacGranataSrWestlake HS
PrestonGriffethSrWestlake HS
BrennanKeoghFrWestlake HS
TannerMorganSoWestlake HS
LandonSabeySrWestlake HS

Class 6A Girls Field -- (Per RunnerCard)

first namelast namegradeschool
NataliaBoltzSrAmerican Fork HS
SkyeJensenFrAmerican Fork HS
AlyssaKleinmanSrAmerican Fork HS
AvalonMechamSrAmerican Fork HS
SophieSteigerSoAmerican Fork HS
ToriStrattonSrAmerican Fork HS
HaleyWhitfordJrAmerican Fork HS
KayleeKarlsvenJrBingham HS
ElizaRainsJrBingham HS
CambrieBabcockSrCopper Hills HS
SavannahDaviesSrCopper Hills HS
WhitleyKiddSrCopper Hills HS
LucyLundbergJrCopper Hills HS
AndilusiaManwaringSrCopper Hills HS
EvelynMarlerJrCopper Hills HS
AlyssaPrescottSrCopper Hills HS
KayleeBitnerJrCorner Canyon
AvaBrinkerhoffJrCorner Canyon
AveryGarciaSrCorner Canyon
RileyPerryJrCorner Canyon
PaigeRhoadsSrCorner Canyon
AubreyWahlquistSrCorner Canyon
KennaWongJrCorner Canyon
AllieAllenSrDavis HS
IsabellaCramFrDavis HS
GraceFrodshamJrDavis HS
HelenGlazeJrDavis HS
KateLarsenSrDavis HS
AngelinaLioneSrDavis HS
KeeleyMillerSoDavis HS
TaiAstonSrFarmington HS
AlexisBradshawJrFarmington HS
AubreyDemordauntSrFarmington HS
JaciJacobsmeyerSrFarmington HS
AylaKazmarSrFarmington HS
KatieReaveleySrFarmington HS
SkyeSiddowayJrFarmington HS
HaileyAtwaterFrFremont HS
AbbieBairdSoFremont HS
BrecklynBugnetJrFremont HS
KennedyHansenFrFremont HS
IndiannaLundellJrFremont HS
TayleeRichardsJrFremont HS
BrianneYoungSrFremont HS
KensieBowenSrHerriman HS
RachelCrosbySrHerriman HS
ClaireHoenesJrHerriman HS
BreelyssaLeeperSoHerriman HS
AverySortorSrHerriman HS
AlaynaWardleSrHerriman HS
MaciWoolfJrHerriman HS
KatieOrmsbyJrLayton HS
ElizabethTolmanSoLayton HS
ReganWrightSrLayton HS
CamreeKenisonSrLehi HS
RemyMcAdamsFrLehi HS
MiaRichardsSrLehi HS
AndieAagardSrLone Peak HS
AnnaBybeeSoLone Peak HS
BostonBybeeJrLone Peak HS
MayaBybeeFrLone Peak HS
AddieMeldrumSrLone Peak HS
BrielleNilssonSoLone Peak HS
ZoeyNilssonSoLone Peak HS
Mountain Ridge HS
Mountain Ridge HS
Mountain Ridge HS
Mountain Ridge HS
Mountain Ridge HS
Mountain Ridge HS
Mountain Ridge HS
Pleasant Grove HS
Pleasant Grove HS
Pleasant Grove HS
Pleasant Grove HS
Pleasant Grove HS
Pleasant Grove HS
Pleasant Grove HS
MelanieAndersonSrRiverton HS
ChloeCorniaSrRiverton HS
MaggieLundSrRiverton HS
MyaOylerJrRiverton HS
IsabelPrestonFrRiverton HS
ChloeSwainJrRiverton HS
GraceSwansonSoRiverton HS
AvaCarterSoSkyridge HS
AveryGonzalezSrSkyridge HS
LucyHawkinsSoSkyridge HS
ClaraMadsenSoSkyridge HS
AvaTalbottJrSkyridge HS
MacieWakelyJrSkyridge HS
ClaireWallgrenSoSkyridge HS
TaylieAllenFrSyracuse HS
ChristineBernardsJrSyracuse HS
KennedyHadleySoSyracuse HS
AnnaHattSrSyracuse HS
EdenBurtonSrWeber HS
McCallDalpiasSrWeber HS
SarahDyeSrWeber HS
ShelbyJoySoWeber HS
AndenelleMarkerJrWeber HS
GracieRodarteSoWeber HS
CatherineWaldSoWeber HS
TaliaAndersonSoWestlake HS
OliveBrimacombeJrWestlake HS
MyaCurtisJrWestlake HS
MarciHavensSoWestlake HS
AubreyMeyersFrWestlake HS
MayaParkerSoWestlake HS
MillieRobinsonJrWestlake HS