Deposit Entry Fees Directly into your Account on MileSplit

Attention meet directors: Collecting your entry fees online and securely has never been easier now that MileSplit has moved to Stripe Connect.

Here is what this new integration means for you.

Collect Entry Fees At No Cost


No more dealing with checks, keeping track of cash, or manually tracking and reporting payments for your meet. MileSplit offers simple, safe and secure payment processing to collect entry fees for your events, all at no cost to the meet director/host.

Simplified Payment Collection


No more chasing checks or dealing with last minute payments on location the day of the meet. MileSplit allows participants to pay well in advance, letting you collect your money before the day of the meet. If a participant can't pay with a credit card, registration lets you hand off to someone who can!

Best In-Class Security Tools


MileSplit offers best in-class security tools by industry leader Stripe, ensuring a safe, secure, and seamless checkout process for participants as well as secure payment process for the meet director/host. Utilizing MileSplit to collect entry fees means worry-free payment processing for your upcoming meet.

Automated Tracking & Reporting


Put away the pen and paper and utilize the MileSplit dashboard for automated tracking & reporting to easily keep track of payment history, and record of every payment received without the time-consuming task of manually entering data.

To get started, go to your Meet Manager and turn on "Online Payments". This will prompt you with the ability to get setup. If you need any additional help, please click into the documentation below. 

For more information: Online payment support

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