MeetPro + MileSplit: The Future Of Meet Management

The future of meet management, putting all of the vital tools into a user-friendly dashboard and a button push away, has arrived.

Introducing MeetPro, the track & field and cross-country meet management application from DirectAthletics.

MeetPro is an inexpensive and full-featured meet management solution designed to meet all of the needs of timers, meet directors, coaches, athletes and fans.

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Do It All


With MeetPro, you can import your entries, run your meet, publish live results and post completed results directly to MileSplit all from one central application or command center.

MeetPro is available for Windows and Mac OS X computers and runs natively on each platform. A single license can be used on both platforms and the functionality is the same on each system.

All Features Included At Lower Price


The price of a MeetPro license is 80% less than the average Hytek license due to the added costs for required additional plugins. With MeetPro, all features are included, providing a solution for schools, directors and associations that have found it cost prohibitive to adopt fully automatic timing for their meets.

Once you have a license, there is no need to purchase additional features. The cost of a single license includes every feature!

Easy Set Up


Setting up a meet in MeetPro is simple.

All of your meet information can be pulled directly from MileSplit's registration platform so no need to set up the database!

With MileSplit integration, you can seamlessly pull in all of your entry information to MeetPro.

Post Results


No need to "email results" or sync results yourself. From MeetPro, you can post directly to MileSplit with the click of a button.

Did You Know?


Did you know that 21,000+ track & field and cross-country events used MileSplit/DirectAthletics as their registration platform in 2022?

Did you know that MileSplit and DirectAthletics work directly with 33 different state associations and the NCAA to facilitate their postseasons?

Did You know that MileSplit registration and MileSplit's live results are 100% free?

Constant Improvement


The best part about MeetPro is that MileSplit integration is only the beginning!

While the first set of features and functionality (see below) will be releasing in August, we will be continuing to innovate and develop new offerings to make MeetPro your go-to state-of-the-art meet management software.

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