On The Line: Daniel Simmons, National Records And Much More

On this week's episode of On The Line, Cory, Olivia and Ashley chat with American Fork's Daniel Simmons, break down what happened last week in high school track and field, they dig into the World U20 XC Championship, and then examine 200m indoor results, and then they tackle national records, the state of Florida and an entirely new race (which doesn't currently exist).

Check out all that and more on this week's episode. [Watch On YouTube]

Podcast Segments: 

  • An interview with American Fork's Daniel Simmons [3:30]
  • The Week That Was, Part 1 [13:30]
  • Digging Into The World U20 XC Championships [23:00]
  • Analyzing What All This 200m Success Means [29:00]
  • National Record Alert: Who's Up Next [36:30]
  • Breaking Down Florida's Massive Upside In 2023 [44:40]
  • Hey NFHS, We Have A New Event For You [52:00]
  • NMOTW: The Top Boys Race [59:20]
  • NMOTW: The Top Girls Race [1:03:30]

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