Here's What You Need To Know Ahead Of Eastern Indoors

* ATL Zoom's Nia Wilson won the 60m last year at Eastern Indoors

Photo Credit: Anna Garcia/MileSplit



LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Meet day is here, and we are ready to go.

Wondering more about the Eastern Relays?

Below you'll find all pre-meet content, scheduling and meet information, along with analysis from the MileSplit National team on the top races to look out for over the weekend. 

For more, check back on MileSplit this weekend for race videos, interviews and more.


Top marks all-time for girls at the Eastern Relays

Top marks all-time for boys at the Eastern Relays

The Eastern Relays will be streamed live on MileSplit

Full entries set for the Eastern Relays

Teams set to attend the Eastern Relays

In-depth meet previews: 

The top five athletes to watch at the Eastern Relays


The MileSplit team discusses the big races set for The Eastern Relays


Where To Find The Venue:

The Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center

3029 Muhamad Ali Boulevard

Louisville, KY 40212


For information on ticketing, visit the links below: 

Friday Ticketing

Saturday Ticketing


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Friday Time Schedule


Event Start Time

Declaration Deadline

Womens Open 800m

4:30 PM

3:45 PM

Mens Open 800m

4:50 PM

4:05 PM

Womens Open 60m

5:20 PM

4:35 PM

Mens Open 60m

5:46 PM

5:01 PM

MS Womens 60m Dash

6:32 PM

5:47 PM

MS Mens 60m Dash

6:42 PM

5:57 PM

Raise Track

6:52 PM

6:07 PM

MS Womens 800m

7:07 PM

6:22 PM

MS Mens 800m

7:12 PM

6:27 PM

MS Womens 400m Dash

7:17 PM

6:32 PM

MS Mens 400m Dash

7:37 PM

6:52 PM

MS Womens Mile

8:05 PM

7:20 PM

MS Mens Mile

8:13 PM

7:28 PM

HS Womens 4x800m Relay

8:29 PM

7:44 PM

HS Mens 4x800m Relay

8:44 PM

7:59 PM

Target Completion

9:14 PM

Middle School Field Events

6:00 PM

Mens Long Jump & Womens Shot Put

High Jump to Follow 60m Dash (boys and girls)

Note: Middle School field event sections are small so the second event will likely be 45-60 minutes after the first run events.

Mens Long jump to follow Womens

Womens Shot put to follow Mens

Saturday Time Schedule


Event Start Time

Declaration Deadline

Womens 60 Hurdles

9:00 AM

8:15 AM

Mens 60 Hurdles

9:17 AM

8:32 AM

Womens 60 Dash

9:31 AM

8:46 AM

Mens 60 Dash

9:51 AM

9:06 AM

Raise Track

10:11 AM

9:26 AM

Womens Mile

10:21 AM

9:36 AM

Mens Mile

11:09 AM

10:24 AM

Womens 400

11:51 AM

11:06 AM

Mens 400

12:12 PM

11:27 AM

Womens 800

12:33 PM

11:48 AM

Mens 800

12:58 PM

12:13 PM

Womens 200

1:19 PM

12:34 PM

Mens 200

1:35 PM

12:50 PM

Womens 2 Mile

1:51 PM

1:06 PM

Mens 2 Mile

2:36 PM

1:51 PM

Womens 4x400

3:18 PM

2:33 PM

Mens 4x400

3:30 PM

2:45 PM

Target Completion

3:45 PM

Saturday Field Schedule

9:00 AM Start

Womens shot put followed by mens shot put

Field Events

Mens and Womens triple jump

Mens' pole vault followed by womens pole vault

Follow Triple Jump

Mens and Womens long jump

After Shot Put

Mens Weight followed by Womens Weight

After 60m Dash, 10:15am

Womens high jump followed by mens high jump