On The Line: Shawnti Jackson, Top Performers And More

On today's show, we chat with newly-minted 300m national record-holder Shawnti Jackson, then recap the weekend -- including the first girl to go over 15 feet in the pole vault -- before moving to top performers, still-unseen-debuts and our National Meet of the Week, the CYUP Misfits Invitational. 

Podcast Segments: 

  • Saying hello to Shawnti Jackson [2:20]
  • Montverde's Academy Statement [13:00]
  • The Week That Was, Part 1 [14:30]
  • The Week That Was, Part 2 [19:30]
  • The Week That Was, Part 3 [28:20]
  • The country's top performers thus far [33:10]
  • The debuts we're still watching out for [39:30]
  • We choose a hypothetical 4x4 out of the country's top talents [44:10]
  • NMOTW: The CYUP Misfits Invitational [52:40]
  • NMOTW: The top race headed to Chicago [57:50]
  • Ashley talks about her marathon [1:03:30]

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