On The Line: Weekend Rewind, Improvement HQ And VA Showcase

On this week's episode of On The Line, the crew dives into a wide array of topics, including a breakdown of last week's action, big movers and shakers, an expansive MileSplit50 preview, a review of upcoming meets and more on The VA Showcase, including darkhorse races and hot takes galore.

Show Segments: 

  • An interview with Heritage's Madison Whyte [3:00]
  • The week that was [13:30]
  • These athletes have improved dramatically [21:40]
  • MileSplit50 arrives on our calendars [25:30]
  • Tik Toks we loved this week [28:45]
  • Here are big meets around the country coming up [35:50]
  • VA Showcase: Three big storylines [40:40]
  • VA Showcase: Darkhorse events [48:30]
  • VA Showcase: Hot takes allowed [56:10]

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