On The Line: Back For The New Year, And With Indoor Thoughts

On the first episode of the new year, the crew dives into indoor track and field and tackles the biggest meet on the calendar in January, The VA Showcase. Check out what the gang had to say. 

Podcast Segments: 

  • Indoor track and field is officially here [2:00]
  • Recapping the week that was [9:20]
  • The most versatile athletes thus far in 2022 [13:40]
  • The VA Showcase: Boys Entries [17:45]
  • The VA Showcase Girls Entries [23:10]
  • The VA Showcase: The elite girls 500m [28:30]
  • The VA Showcase elite 500m girls predictions [32:50]
  • The VA Showcase: The elite boys 300m [38:00]
  • Which off event would you like to see these athletes in? [42:20]

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