The Top 10 Interviews Of The Year

* (From left to right) Cade Flatt, Akala Garrett, Simeon Birnbaum and Jordan Anthony all had memorable interviews with MileSplit in 2022.

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It's been a year of remarkable performances, moments and conversations in high school track and field and cross country.

And throughout 2022, MileSplit interviewed athletes, coaches and other notable figures involved in those pivotal moments on and off the track and the cross country course.

As we reflect on the year, we've selected 10 of the top interviews from 2022 across the MileSplit network.

Click the links below to view some of the most memorable conversations we had with athletes and figures in the sport in 2022.

MileSplit's Top 10 Interviews Of The Year

Page 2: For The Record: Steven West Talks Big Win, Music And More

Page 3: Cade Flatt Takes 800m Title At NBNI

Page 4: On The Line: An Interview With Simeon Birnbaum

Page 5: Lisa Morgan Pioneered Growth In NJ For Coaches And Athletes

Page 6: Hobbs Kessler Talks Training And 2022 Goals

Page 7: Christian Groendyk Wins Colorado 5A State Championship

Page 8: On The Line: An Interview With Akala Garrett

Page 9: For The Record: Gary Martin Talks Sub-4 And More

Page 10: On The Line: An Interview With Jordan Anthony

Page 11: Newbury Park On Their National Record Relay