Seven Moments From 2022 That Shocked, Awed And Inspired Us


* Newbury Park (left to right), Juliette Whittaker, Addy Wiley, Brenden Herbert and Connor Burns and Gary Martin produced some of the biggest moments of 2022

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By Cory Mull - MileSplit

With the calendar year winding down, we're left with everything the year gave us. 

And let me tell you, there were certainly shocks, and there were awe-inspiring moments. 

As we finish out the year, MileSplit is going to hit you with our year-end review of all things high school track and field and cross country. 

First up, I've taken seven talk-of-the-town moments from the past year, whether they were individual successes, the year's wildest news, or broad themes, and downsized them down to blurbs you can get through in a few minutes.

Obviously, it would be nearly impossible to explain a whole year with just a few handpicked races and moments, so we've done our best to choose some of the most impactful scenes from the sport over 2022.



Natalie Cook's 5K - The All-Time 800 And 1,600m - Brenden Herbert's Madness - Newbury Park's Greatness - Team USA's World Haul - The 800 Meter Double - The Sub-4 Club