On The Line: Top Moments From Nationals, Plus Champs Sports

On the latest episode of On The Line, the crew discusses the Garmin RunningLane XC Championships and Team Nationals and then dive into Champs Sports Nationals, which takes place on Dec. 10 in San Diego, California. 

Podcast Segments: 

  • The Week That Was: Garmin RunningLane XC [3:50]
  • The Week That Was: Team Nationals [18:00]
  • Diving Into Some Indoor Action [34:45]
  • Champs Sports: What's The Best Region [39:00]
  • Champs Sports: Underrated Athletes Who Could Win [44:20]
  • You Make The Call: Pick Who Will Win The Boys Race At Champs [49:40]
  • Champs Sports: Boys Race Breakdown [53:40]
  • Champs Sports: Girls Race Breakdown [59:50]

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