On The Line: A Wild Week, RXC3 Talk, Plus Indoor Predictions

This week's episode features an interview with Michigan LP Division I champion and Team Nationals Midwest winner Helen Sachs, along with conversation surrounding this weekend's action, our popcorn moment of the week, three Tik Toks we love and discourse on the Garmin RunningLane XC Championships and regional action. Plus, we'll end the show with some hot takes ahead of the indoor track and field season. 

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Show Segments: 

  • An interview with Holland West Ottawa's Helen Sachs [1:45]
  • The Week That Was 
  •     New York [12:10]
  •     Virginia [16:15]
  •     South Carolina [18:05]
  •     Team Northwest [20:05]
  •     Team Heartland   [21:55]
  •     Team Midwest [24:12]
  • Odds and ends [31:25]
  • Popcorn moment of the week [34:50]
  • Three Tik Toks we love [35:50]
  • Garmin RunningLane XC Championships: The front-runners [39:30]
  • Team South Region [53:10]
  • Team Southwest Region [1:02:50]
  • Six predictions ahead of the indoor track and field season [1:09:30]

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