Team Regionals Begin: MW, NW, HRT Predictions & Previews

* Connor Burns will compete in the Team Midwest Region this weekend in Terre Haute

Photo Credit: Rich Smott/MileSplit

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The first three of nine Team Regionals will take place this weekend in Idaho, South Dakota and Indiana, thus beginning the race to qualify for Team Nationals. 

These are nervy moments for teams and individuals looking to book their tickets to Portland, Oregon. 

Only two automatic team qualifiers will solidify their spots in each regional, while third- and fourth-place squads will have to await their fate -- and the ensuing selection of the four remaining teams to build out the national field. 

Individually, if you're in the top five you're in, though sometimes luck is on your side: Teams with top finishers who automatically qualify are exempt from the individual selections, giving runners in those sixth, seventh and eighth positions hope. 

But regardless of logistics, every placement counts. 

And as it's often said in these scenarios, runners need only "Finish On Empty."  

Check below for previews of the first three regionals taking place across the U.S. on Saturday and Sunday. 


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