Which Outdoor National Records Still Seem Unbreakable?

* Addy Wiley competes at the IHSAA State Track and Field Meet a week prior to breaking the girls 1,600m national record.

Photo Credit: Kent Graham/MileSplit

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When Addy Wiley crossed the finish line for the 1,600m at the Grand Valley State University Midwest Redemption Meet, she achieved what some may have deemed unfathomable.

The clock read 4:26.16.

The recent Huntington North (IN) graduate smashed the previous 1,600m outdoor national record of 4:33.29 set by Alexa Efraimson back in 2014.

Using the 1,600m to mile conversion, Wiley's time converts up to 4:27.73 -- faster than Katelyn Tuohy's 4:33.87 outdoor record and Mary Cain's 4:28.25 overall girls mile national record.

Wiley may not have technically beaten the great Mary Cain, but the University of Colorado signee will certainly go down in the record books as the fastest-ever high school girl over 1,600m.

With Wiley's race for the ages as the headliner, the 2022 outdoor season made for a whirlwind of all-time great performances.

But she wasn't alone. Other notable athletes ran times on the cusp of history.

Both the boys and girls 800m records almost went down at the hands of Cade Flatt and Juliette Whittaker. Each clocked times just fractions of a second away from the current records held by Michael Granville (1:46.45; set in 1996) and Cain (1:59.51; set in 2014).

This season proved that many of the national records once thought to be unbreakable lie within reach of some of the country's top track and field talents. But the question still remains: Are there any U.S. national high school records that appear too elite to beat?

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