The State Editors Pod: Penn Relays Memories And Storylines

For a special podcast on Tuesday, MileSplit state editors from New Jersey, New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania convened for an all-Penn Relays discussion. Check out what the group had to say about memories, storylines, opinions and more. 

Run of Show: 

  • The gang talks memories at the Penn Relays [0:45]
  • Hitting on New York storylines [5:50]
  • More on New Jersey storylines [8:00]
  • Discussing Virginia-based storylines [11:00]
  • Diving deep on Pennsylvania storylines [15:00]
  • Breaking down what's going down with Jamaican-American relays [18:20]
  • First-comers to the Penn Relays. How does that impact athletes [27:30]
  • More on the relay exchange changes [29:30]
  • Meet records and possibilities [33:50]
  • Can Gary Martin break four minutes in the mile? [39:20]

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