WATCH: Juliette Whittaker Adds 1K National Record To Resume

This weekend at the Ocean Breeze Elite Invitational was something special for the Stanford signee. Juliette Whittaker put everything together in the 1K and she was able to add a national record to her prestigious resume. 

In a solo effort, Whittaker took control of the race in New York and split 2:07.32 in her first 800m. The momentum carried her through as the meters dwindled and the separation between her and the rest of the field increased.

Whittaker never broke down or showed signs of fatigue.

The Maryland standout crossed the finish line and became the first high school girl in history to break 2:40 in this event.

She was able to lower Sammy Watson's previous record of 2:40.72 to a 2:39.41.

Kate Putman finished eight seconds behind with a 2:47.22 and Ella Kurto of Saratoga Springs (NY) was third in 2:54.44.

In this year alone, Whittaker also became the third-fastest high school girl in history in the 800m with a 2:01.00 just a few weeks ago. Whittaker currently stands as US No. 3 in the 800m and US No. 7 in the mile. 

Girls 1000 meter Run  
      NAME                          YR   TEAM                               MARK           H#    WIND
1     Juliette Whittaker            12   Mount De Sales Academy             2:39.41        1     
2     Kate Putman                   11   Cicero-North Syracuse (CNS)        2:47.22        1     
3     Ella Kurto                    12   Saratoga Springs                   2:54.44        1     
4     Esme Daplyn                   1    Greenwich High School              3:00.68        1     
5     Lorelei McIntosh              9    St. John's College High School     3:05.31        1     
6     Sophie Mattheus               11   St. John's College High School     3:09.24        1     

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