Bullis School's Girls Remain As Strong As Ever In The Relays

* The Bullis School takes a hand-off in the 4x400 on Saturday at The VA Showcase

Photo Credit: Mary Ann Magnant/Milesplit

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- There are few things you can count on from year to year in high school track and field.

Teams change. Athletes graduate. 

But here's one thing that rarely ever diverges: The Bullis School (MD) girls are always good in the relays. 

This weekend at The VA Showcase that fact remained true, with the program producing two new U.S. No. 1 times in the 4x200 and 4x400.

The Bulldogs' 'A' squads, which consisted of Mirai Bernard, Sage Hinton, Myla Greene and Morgan Bridges in the 4x200 and Lauren Leath, Bernard, Green and Hinton in the 4x400, captured invitational wins in the 4x200 in 1:39.19 and another in the 4x400 in 3:49.69, which was a full 15 seconds faster than second-place Kellam (VA). 

It marked the third time since The VA Showcase's beginning in 2017 that the Maryland powerhouse had swept the relays and left with consecutive No. 1 times. 

In fact, only once since the Bullis School girls featured in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022 has the team even lost -- that lone result coming in 2019 in the 4x200. 

Bullis Schools 2022 4x200 Performance

yearschooleventplacetimenational rank
2018Bullis School4x2001st1:35.39US No. 1
2018Bullis School4x4001st3:39.60US No. 1
2019Bullis School4x2004th1:39.96US No. 1
2019Bullis School4x4001st3:42.06US No. 1
2020Bullis School4x2001st1:37.60US No. 1
2020Bullis School4x4001st3:44.15US No. 1
2022Bullis School4x2001st1:39.19US No. 1
2022Bullis School4x4001st3:49.69US No. 1

For a half decade now, the Bullis School has leaned on an idea that's shaped its culture: Strong teams require not just individualism but a joint cause to rally behind. And in track and field, the relays are where those team bonds are formed. 

Few programs in the United States at the prep ranks have done as much over the last five to six years than this team -- other notable programs include Nansemond River, Union Catholic, Oak Park and Western Branch -- which has also recorded a handful of national championships under the guidance of head coach Joe Lee. 

In 2018, the Bulldogs recorded a new national record in the 4x200 with its 1:35.39 clocking. That same year, the team put out the No. 2 team in history in the 4x400. 

While this year's group of girls are still seconds away from those record-breaking tenures, the team continues to lean on that identity: Stronger together.

Check out the team's performances in the 4x200 above and the 4x400 below. 

Bullis School 2022 4x400 Performance