The Best Races Of The Year? Here Are 31 Of Our Favorites.

* Jose Garcia (left to right), Juliette Whittaker, Colin Sahlman and Jaylen Slade all found themselves on the list of 'Best Races' in 2021

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What were the best races of the year? 

If we're being completely honest, there were way too many to count. But luckily for us, we were there live for hundreds of them. We streamed some of the year's finest high school races, and we witnessed some truly historic moments. 

In January, we saw a group of girls from Maryland, Rhode Island, Texas and Wisconsin team up for a World U20 best in the 4x800. In May, we saw a 14-year-old set a new World Age Group record. In June, the nation's top quarter-miler produced a U.S. No. 1 at his state championships. And in December, the greatest high school team in history put down a truly epic performance in Alabama. 

Guess what? 

We have all of the footage. Below, we ranked our 31 favorite moments from the season. The jury on these decisions was tough, which meant that we had to leave out some really good performances. But all together, we think this list compiles a wide selection of races from all over the United States. 

Check below for the selections.