WATCH: The Garmin RXC2 Championship Race Selection Show

On the latest episode of On The Line, Cory and Olivia sit down with Garmin RunningLane Cross Country Championship meet directors Sean Allan and Will Rodgers to discuss the top 30 teams selected to compete in the championship gold races on Saturday in Huntsville, Alabama. 

Show Segments:

  • Introducing what's to come at Garmin RunningLane XC Championships [0:20]
  • Welcoming in Will Rodgers and Sean Allan [4:30]
  • Criteria for top 30 teams in championship gold races [5:30]
  • Announcing the top 30 boys team selections [8:00]
  • More on the bubble teams who were first ones out [25:00]
  • Announcing the top 30 girls team selections [27:00]
  • More on the bubble teams were were first ones out [44:00]
  • Final thoughts from Will and Sean [48:00]
  • Final thoughts from Olivia and Cory [51:00]

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