Contenders, Safe Bets And More: Our Eastbay Boys Breakdowns

There is no single thing better in the sport of cross country than a qualifying-race. 

You think you knew pressure before this point? 

Races of this magnitude only amplify that feeling, and the drumbeat of those forces often produce some truly fantastic moments. Because when everything is out on the table, and runners have nothing to lose, you tend to see an athlete's most unbridled performance.

With this being said, we calculated and diagnosed and eventually settled on the athletes with the most opportunity in front of them on Saturday. There may only be 10 spots up for grabs, but we went far beyond that and offered our top 20 picks for each of the divisions. 

Check out the analysis in the links below. 


MileSplit Northeast Boys Breakdown 

MileSplit Midwest Boys Breakdown

MileSplit South Boys Breakdown