On The Line: Caroline Wells On States And Eastbay Goals

On the latest episode of On The Line, Caroline Wells joined Cory and Olivia to discuss her state championships and what she wants to achieve later this year.

Interview Segments:

  • How much confidence she has from being undefeated this season (1:00)
  • How it felt to earn another state title and what led to her improvement (1:29)
  • Where she was challenged on the course (2:15)
  • What was going through her head as she sprinted to the finish (2:53)
  • Her intentions this season (3:43)
  • How has running solo helped her confidence and character (5:03)
  • How would having competition impact how she approaches the rest of the season (6:03)
  • Will her mentality change now as she will be surrounded by packs of runners (6:40)
  • How does she continue to be consistent towards success (7:22)
  • What are her plans for the next couple weeks (8:18)
  • Thoughts on Disney World and Magic Kingdom (9:30)
  • Her favorite Orlando-based thing to do (10:06)
  • Her best gator story (10:35)
  • Her thoughts on breaking 10 minutes for 3200m this season (11:11)

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