Behind Ava Parekh's Commitment To Stanford

On this episode of For The Record, Olivia sat with Chicago Latin's (IL) Ava Parekh to discuss her reasoning behind committing to Stanford. 

Interview Segments:

  • How she's feeling about her commitment (0:35)
  • What about Stanford stood out to her the most (1:20)
  • How she's feeling about her incoming freshman class already (2:09)
  • The strengths this incoming class brings already (2:52)
  • Which events she will potentially be focusing on at Stanford (3:49)
  • How does it feel to be a part of a program that has talent across different disciplines (4:58)
  • Her major (6:03)
  • How she feels about the new atmosphere and weather in California (6:20)
  • Goals going into her freshman year (7:39)
  • The areas that Parekh wants to focus on (8:49)
  • What's the first thing Parekh will do when she steps foot on campus (10:06)
  • What Parekh will miss about Illinois (10:44)
  • How her brother feels about her commitment to Stanford (11:48)

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