Schweikert Brothers Collect Medals At AAU Junior Olympics

* Kevin and Kaleb Schweikert won the 15-16yo and 17-18yo 3,000m racewalk on Sunday

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HUMBLE, TEXAS -- The last name "Schweikert" has been all over the track for the first two days of competition at the AAU Junior Olympic Games in the racewalk.

The reason?

The fifth-oldest Schweikert sister began racewalking when she was 14-years-old and taught her other brothers how to excel in the event. Soon afterwards, it became a family tradition. 

Fast forward to 2021. Four Schweikert brothers racked up All-American honors and top finishes in the racewalk at this year's competition. 

On Saturday in the 1,500m racewalk, Preston Schweikert earned the first gold medal of the family. He won the event by 30 seconds and was the only nine-year-old boy to walk faster than 10 minutes. 

The following day, three other Schweikert brothers hit the track and continued to collect medals.

In the 14-year-old division, Brock Schweikert clocked a 19:56.53 to earn a silver medal in the 3,000m racewalk. 

* Brock Schweikert earned the silver medal in the 3,000m racewalk 

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At the end of the day on Sunday, the 15-16 and 17-18 age groups had a combined final. Therefore, Kevin Schweikert and Kaleb Schweikert raced together in the 3,000m racewalk against one another. 

The family rivalry produced some great results.

Kevin crossed the finish line in 16:38.40 to win his fourth gold medal in this event over the last five years, while Kaleb walked across the line 18 seconds later in 16:56.41. The pair were the only athletes to break 17 minutes for 3,000m. The brother's performances move them up to the top 15 in the country. 

And yet, despite being national champions, Kevin and Kaleb both agree that this journey of racewalking means even more while doing so with their family, especially their younger brothers. 

The Schweikert brothers are excited about keeping this tradition alive at the AAU Junior Olympic Games. 

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