2021 NFL Draft Viewer's Guide For Track and Field Fans

Before throwing his weight around at left tackle for Oregon, Penei Sewell put a boss in the shot put circle in Utah.

Offensive Tackle

Overall Rank Position Rank Name Position Height Weight College High School Track Events Scouts Inc. Grade
7 1 Penei Sewell OT 6'6" 330 Oregon Desert Hills (Ut.) SP 93
8 2 Rashawn Slater OT 6'4¼" 304 Northwestern Clements (Tx.) SP/DT 93
25 3 Christian Darrisaw OT 6'4¾" 322 Virginia Tech Riverdale Baptist School (Md.) None 90
30 4 Teven Jenkins OT 6'6½" 320 Oklahoma State Topeka (Ks.) None 89
36 5 Jalen Mayfield OT 6'5¼" 326 Michigan Catholic Central (Mi.) SP 88
37 6 Liam Eichenberg OT 6'6⅛" 306 Notre Dame Saint Ignatius (Oh.) None 88
66 7 Dillon Radunz OT 6'5¾" 301 North Dakota State Becker (Mn.) 800m/SP/DT 79
78 8 Walker Little OT 6'7⅜" 313 Stanford Houston Episcopal (Tx.) SP/DT 77
84 9 James Hudson III OT 6'4¾" 313 Cincinnati Central Catholic (Oh.) None 75
97 10 Spencer Brown OT 6'8¼" 311 Northern Iowa Lenox (Ia.) SP/DT 71
121 11 Dan Moore Jr. OT 6'5⅝" 311 Texas A&M Beaumont West Brook (Tx.) SP 68
163 12 D'Ante Smith OT 6'5⅜" 305 East Carolina Grovetown (Ga.) None 59
170 13 Adrian Ealy OT 6'6¼" 321 Oklahoma East Ascension (La.) None 58
218 14 Josh Ball OT 6'7⅜" 308 Marshall Stafford (Va.) None 44
239 15 Brady Christensen OT 6'5¼" 302 BYU Bountiful (Ut.) None 39
247 16 Carson Green OT 6'6⅛" 320 Texas A&M Southlake Carroll (Tx.) 100m/SP/DT 38
260 17 Larry Borom OT 6'4⅞" 322 Missouri Brother Rice (Mi.) None 36
271 18 Brenden Jaimes OT 6'5" 298 Nebraska Lake Travis (Tx.) SP/DT 35
278 19 Jake Curhan OT 6'5⅞" 316 Cal Redwood (Ca.) None 34
288 20 Landon Young OT 6'6⅛" 310 Kentucky Lafayette (Ky.) SP/DT 33
297 21 William Sherman OT 6'3¼" 304 Colorado Allen (Tx.) None 32
327 22 Drew Himmelman OT 6'9" 323 Illinois State Geneseo (Il.) None 30
330 23 Stone Forsythe OT 6'8" 307 Florida West Orange (Fl.) SP/DT 30
331 24 Will Fries OT 6'6⅜" 309 Penn State Cranford (NJ) SP/DT 30
343 25 Austin Deculus OT 6'6½" 324 LSU Cy-Fair (Tx.) SP/DT 30

Scout Inc.'s Grading Scale

90-100 Rare Prospect Player demonstrates rare abilities and can create game-impacting mismatches. A premier college player that has all the skill to take over a game and play at a championship level. Rates in the top 5 players in the nation at his position. A first round prospect.

80-89 Outstanding Prospect Player has abilities to create mismatches versus most opponents in the NFL. A feature player that has an impact on the outcome of the game. Cannot be shut down by a single player and plays on a consistent level. Rates in the top 10 at his position. A second round prospect.

70-79 Solid Prospect A standout at the college level close to being an elite player. No glaring weaknesses, will usually win individual matchups, does not dominate in every game, especially against the top players in the country. Usually rates in the top third of players at his position. A third round draft prospect.

60-69 Good Prospect A solid starter, but is overmatched versus the better players in the nation. His weaknesses will be exposed against top competition. Usually a prospect that is missing something from his game (e.g. good size and skills, lacks speed). Usually rates in the top half of the players at his position. A middle round draft choice.

50-59 Adequate Prospect Usually players that play at a high level in college, but lack some measurables or skills to play at that same level in the NFL. May be a developmental player or special teams/situational contributor. Usually rates in the second-third at his position. A fifth round draft choice.

20-49 Borderline Draft Prospect These are players that teams like something about, but certainly do not have the full package in terms of NFL talent. Teams will take chances on character players or developmental type athletes with this grade. These are often players that come from smaller schools or did not stand out at the college level. 'Diamonds in the rough.' Usually rate in the bottom third of players at his position. A late round draft choice or undrafted free agent.

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