2021 NFL Draft Viewer's Guide For Track and Field Fans

The strength and footwork that has made Florida State's Marvin Wilson a top defensive tackle was on display in the high school shot put circle.

Defensive Tackle

Overall Rank Position Rank Name Position Height Weight College High School Track Events Scouts Inc. Grade
32 1 Christian Barmore DT 6'4⅛" 310 Alabama Saint Maria Goretti (Md.) None 89
44 2 Levi Onwuzurike DT 6'2⅞" 290 Washington Allen (Tx.) None 87
68 3 Alim McNeill DT 6'1⅞" 317 NC State Sanderson (NC) None 79
82 4 Jay Tufele DT 6'2⅛" 305 USC Bingham (Ut.) None 76
95 5 Daviyon Nixon DT 6'3⅛" 313 Iowa Indian Trail Academy (Wi.) None 72
102 6 Osa Odighizuwa DT 6'1⅝" 282 UCLA David Douglas (Or.) None 71
109 7 Marvin Wilson DT 6'3⅞" 303 Florida State Houston Episcopal (Tx.) SP 70
110 8 Tyler Shelvin DT 6'2⅛" 350 LSU Notre Dame (La.) DT 70
114 9 Marlon Tuipulotu DT 6'1⅞" 307 USC Central (Or.) None 69
126 10 Bobby Brown III DT 6'4" 321 Texas A&M Arlington Lamar (Tx.) SP 67
135 11 Tommy Togiai DT 6'1½" 296 Ohio State Highland (Id.) None 65
159 12 Jaylen Twyman DT 6'1¾" 301 Pitt H.D. Woodson (DC) SP/DT 59
196 13 Quinton Bohanna DT 6'4" 327 Kentucky Cordova (Tn.) None 51
227 14 Forrest Merrill DT 6'0" 322 Arkansas State Willard (Mo.) None 41
244 15 Jonathan Marshall DT 6'3⅛" 310 Arkansas Shepherd (Tx.) SP/DT 38
275 16 Austin Faoliu DT 6'2¾" 292 Oregon Mater Dei (Ca.) None 34
284 17 Khyiris Tonga DT 6'2⅛" 325 BYU Granger (Ut.) None 33
294 18 Darius Stills DT 6'0½" 278 West Virginia Fairmont Senior (WV) None 32
336 19 Naquan Jones DT 6'3⅜" 313 Michigan State Evanston Townhip (Il.) None 30
339 20 Tedarrell Slaton DT 6'4" 330 Florida American Heritage (Fl.) SP/DT 30

Scout Inc.'s Grading Scale

90-100 Rare Prospect Player demonstrates rare abilities and can create game-impacting mismatches. A premier college player that has all the skill to take over a game and play at a championship level. Rates in the top 5 players in the nation at his position. A first round prospect.

80-89 Outstanding Prospect Player has abilities to create mismatches versus most opponents in the NFL. A feature player that has an impact on the outcome of the game. Cannot be shut down by a single player and plays on a consistent level. Rates in the top 10 at his position. A second round prospect.

70-79 Solid Prospect A standout at the college level close to being an elite player. No glaring weaknesses, will usually win individual matchups, does not dominate in every game, especially against the top players in the country. Usually rates in the top third of players at his position. A third round draft prospect.

60-69 Good Prospect A solid starter, but is overmatched versus the better players in the nation. His weaknesses will be exposed against top competition. Usually a prospect that is missing something from his game (e.g. good size and skills, lacks speed). Usually rates in the top half of the players at his position. A middle round draft choice.

50-59 Adequate Prospect Usually players that play at a high level in college, but lack some measurables or skills to play at that same level in the NFL. May be a developmental player or special teams/situational contributor. Usually rates in the second-third at his position. A fifth round draft choice.

20-49 Borderline Draft Prospect These are players that teams like something about, but certainly do not have the full package in terms of NFL talent. Teams will take chances on character players or developmental type athletes with this grade. These are often players that come from smaller schools or did not stand out at the college level. 'Diamonds in the rough.' Usually rate in the bottom third of players at his position. A late round draft choice or undrafted free agent.

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