Honoring The Late Damani Gibson With An Invitational

Cody Glenn remembered Damani Gibson as a child who always worked hard and had a smile on his face.

Every Monday, the Bobcats participated in "Runoff Monday," where the top eight runners lined up to claim a spot on the relay. Gibson finished in the top four and earned the spot as being the anchor leg.

Before Gibson was able to participate in carrying the baton home for his team, he passed away due to sudden cardiac arrest in March of 2019 after his track practice in the driveway of his home. 

Glenn, the Cy Fair High School coach, and Gibson's teammates wanted to keep his name alive.

For the past year, Glenn planned the annual Damani Gibson Memorial Relays, which will take place Friday, February 19. The Bobcats and Glenn look forward to the events at this unique meet that will take place on and off the track. This will not be a typical track meet for many reasons. 

In honor of Gibson being the fourth runner on the 4x100m relay, there will be a three-man relay. The first two sprinters will each run a 100m and the third runner will finish the race with a 200m sprint. Glenn wanted to honor that anchor spot for Gibson and have the third leg run his portion of the race for him. 

Along with the relay, his mother Coach Ruqayya Gibson, who is also a volunteer assistant coach for the University of Houston, will be present on behalf of the Damani Gibson Foundation.

Coach Gibson created this organization to educate schools, students, faculty and staff on what to do when someone suffers from sudden cardiac arrest.

Throughout the last several months, Coach Gibson visited many schools -- including Denton Guyer, Summit and Summer Creek -- across the state of Texas to provide educational resources.  

At her son's annual memorial relays, Coach Gibson will provide complimentary screenings, have people practice CPR, and learn how to use an AED throughout the meet.

Everyone at the meet must register for a time slot ahead of time in order to participate.

On Friday, participants can wear red in honor of heart month. Along with a competitive side on the track, and the educational pieces off the track, the annual Damani Gibson Memorial Relays will be a meet with tradition and resources for everyone and anyone who could potentially save a life. 

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