On The Line: Carlee Hansen Breaks Down Season, UNC And More

On the latest episode of On The Line, Olivia, Bryan and Cory chat with Woods Cross senior Carlee Hansen, a University of North Carolina senior who has won seven straight races to begin her 2020 season. 

Interview Segments: 

  • Welcoming Carlee Hansen to the show [2:10]
  • On competing against the best athletes in Utah and beyond [3:00]
  • On training the past few months [4:00]
  • On turning up the gears this past weekend [5:00]
  • On approaching XC with track in the background [5:55]
  • On getting off to a great start in 2020 [7:00]
  • On future races in 2020 [8:00]
  • Best race Carlee's ever run [10:20]
  • The most enjoyable aspects of XC [12:10]
  • On UNC and how the Tar Heels look so far [13:10]
  • On what Carlee wants to accomplish before she graduates [15:00]

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