On The Line: UNC's Wild Day, Plus Analysis Of Top XC Efforts

On the latest episode of On The Line, Olivia and Cory chat with Cherry Creek junior Riley Stewart, tackle UNC's wild recruiting day, break down recent cross country performances and discuss overall themes across the ensuing season. 

Run of Show: 

  • Interview with Riley Stewart [0:05]
  • UNC's wild recruiting day [15:00]
  • Rheinhardt Harrison attempting sub-4 [20:15]
  • Oklahoma's awesome duel [27:40]
  • Izaiah Steury is the real deal [31:00]
  • IMG Academy could be very good in 2020 [33:30]
  • Top underclassmen boys of 2020 [36:40]
  • An underrated girls athlete who could break out in 2020 [41:00]

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