Race Retro: Tavares Duckett Breaks Nat Record Without Blocks


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As a 12-year-old, Tavares Duckett II produced top performances in both the 100m and 200m at the 2018 AAU Junior Olympics in Des Moines, Iowa. Duckett broke the 100m 12-year-old national record during the preliminary round that was previously set by Aaron Brown-Nixon in 2010 with a time of 11.71. He won the 100m with an 11.90 and 24.60 in the 200m.

Representing Texas Rollas Track Club (TX), Duckett lined up in lane six with the orange and white uniform. Every athlete in this heat had starting blocks, but him. When the starting gun went off, his ankles remained close to the track to be able to move quickly throughout his drive phase. 

As a young athlete, he shows promise with his start, even without his starting blocks. After taking a few steps off the starting line, he remained in his drive phase. This can be difficult to do without having blocks to push off in the sprints. While the rest of the field was upright and looking toward the finish line, Duckett's head was still down facing the track. 

Duckett gradually brought his head up after 10m. He's the only athlete in the field who is unwinding from their drive phase. 

As Duckett sprinted down the track, he began to pull away from the rest of the field. He doesn't butt kick throughout his 100m race and is able to control his arms.

A few meters separate Duckett from the finish line. He continued to practice proper form and technique. His arms showed a smooth chin to hip motion, while his legs show knee lift and power. His controlled movements are one of his advantages. 

Duckett crossed the line a second ahead of the rest of the field. He broke the national record with a time of 11.67.

Event 10  Boys 100 Meter Dash 12 years old
    National: N 11.67  7/30/2018   Tavares Duckett II, Grand Prairie,
    Comp#  Name                Year Team                Finals  Wind
  1 #7199 Tavares Duckett II  06 Grand Prairie, TX        11.90  -1.9
  2 #6834 William Smith Jr.   06 Pensacola, FL            12.27  -1.9
  3 #1595 Malachi James       06 Willingboro, NJ          12.28  -1.9
  4 #502 Tory Blaylock        06 Humble, TX               12.39  -1.9
  5 #6686 Ryan Wingo          06 Saint Louis, MO          12.70  -1.9
  6 #2052 Durian Moss         06 Miami, FL                12.79  -1.9
  7 #4392 Antwan Hughes Jr    06 Winston Salem, NC        12.84  -1.9
  8 #1971 Jordon Johnson      06 Fort Worth, TX           13.26  -1.9