News And Insight Ahead Of The Quarantine Clasico Sub-4


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History could be headed our way on Saturday in California. 

The Quarantine Clasico Sub-4 Attempt will be streamed LIVE on MileSplit starting at 10:00 p.m. CST. Check out information about the field below. 



  • Thomas Boyden, Skyline (UT): 4:06.58 PR (conversion, 2,700 feet elevation)
  • Mark Boyle, Corner Canyon (UT): 4:19.34 (conversion, 4,551 feet elevation)
  • Alex Harbertson, Corner Canyon (UT): 4:22.88 (conversion, 2,700 feet elevation)


  • Colorado -- Overall mile: Cole Sprout, Valor Christian, 4:04.19, 2019
  • Arizona -- Overall mile: Bernie Montoya, Cibola, 4:01.32, 2012
  • Utah -- Overall mile: Ben Saarel, Park City, 4:02.72, 2013
  • California -- Overall mile: Tim Danielson, Chula Vista, 3:59.40, 1966


  • Thomas Boyden ran the fastest 1,600m on Utah soil in 4:05.16
  • Cole Sprout ran Colorado's 1,600m state record in an unofficial time trial in 4:07.02
  • Leo Daschbach ran a 4:03.07 mile time trial in April, the fastest on Arizona soil
  • According to Matt Strangio, there will be a USATF official on the track 


  • Matt Strangio, Jesuit (CA): A shin injury kept Strangio out of the field, though he will be announcing the race on Saturday. 


Don't save it for the last lap. Try to get in your work early. Because there are definitely guys in this field who could do it that way. But at least for me, I think it's better to get through 800 under two minutes. Don't try to make it so you need a crazy last lap to break 4. I feel like most attempts where they don't break it, they didn't set themselves up for the last lap. -- Thomas Boyden

I think it's really going to come down to the energy there and the pacers being on point. I think that's really it. I think there's almost a lot of luck going into this. As long as you're prepared and your mind is in the right place, that's probably going to be your best chance. -- Leo Daschbach

Just holding on for that last lap. Because it feels like a sprint. That's what I remember from running that Nashville mile last year. It feels like a sprint the entire time. It's more of just holding on then kicking at the end. Because it is hard to have a really solid kick at the end. That's the goal. We'll see. -- Cole Sprout

It's bittersweet in a way. I know that I'll have another shot at this before the summer is over, at least one more shot. At this point, with how far along we were, to be able to make sure this goes as smooth as possible for all these guys is somethign sick, and to be able to help, it's been fun. Setting all this up. Looking back on it, when they all do break 4 and say I put that together, I think that will be just as satisfying as breaking 4 myself. I know it will get me pumped up to get back to training once my break is over. -- Matt Strangio

I think for me, a lot of people when the season got canceled -- I haven't been able to run for a year in a half on good fitness, because I've been injured for so long -- and a lot of people reached out to me when the season was canceled. 'Dude, you had something to prove this year, I'm so sorry.' There's a little bit of that. But honestly, I don't feel a need to prove anything to anybody else. I'm fit again and I'm super grateful to be feeling like that. I think I'd like to prove to myself I can do it and get close to it and run well. -- Easton Allred