Despite Cancellations, Gatorade Will Continue POY Awards

For over three decades, Gatorade has been naming state and national Player of the Years across a variety of high school sports. Of course, 2020 has presented its fair share of challenges for all sports, not to mention the awards programs which honor success at the highest levels. 

But Gatorade says it remains committed to recognizing those athletes for the work they've achieved over this season. In a recent announcement, the organization says it will continue to hand out its annual state and national recognitions. 

From Gatorade Senior Vice President and General Manager Brett O'Brien

"For 35 years, the Gatorade Player of the Year program has put a spotlight on some of the country's best high school athletes and perhaps more importantly, best leaders. While many high schools across the country have canceled or cut short their spring sports seasons in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we're still planning to award spring sport athletes because we think it is important to recognize and celebrate these athletes for their accomplishments on and off the field."

"The Gatorade Player of the Year Selection Committee evaluates candidates on the program's three pillars: athletic excellence, academic achievement and exemplary character. While in-season performance is usually a key factor, the committee will consider as many performance indicators as possible, including but not limited to off-season achievements with club teams, previous accomplishments, and the latest scout analysis and recruit rankings, to help determine spring sport winners. The vetting process for the other two program pillars - academics and character - will be the same as always."

"These athletes have worked hard for this level of achievement, and we do not think the cancellation of school sports should preclude the recognition they deserve. It is now more important than ever to celebrate spring sport athletes, and we look forward to recognizing those athletes over the next few months and naming the 2019-2020 Athletes of the Year this summer."

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