MileSplit Virtual Classic FAQ's

We have already started to see some submissions for the MileSplit Virtual Classic. It is so exciting to see that you are all embracing this new challenge and continuing to work hard and train towards your goals. We compiled a list of frequently asked questions below which we hope will clear up any questions you may have or better understand why your mark was rejected.   

1. If I submit my performance on social media and use #MileSplitVC does it count?

Although we are thrilled you want to share your performance with everyone on social media, unless you also fill out the Google Form and send your video to the mark will not count toward the MileSplit Virtual Classic. 

2. Why no 3000m, 3200m, 2-mile, etc.? 

We tried to keep the events as balanced as possible for athletes who participate in different disciplines. Although we would love to take submissions from all the events run in a track meet we limited it to a handful of events. With the number of submissions we're anticipating for the event we're hoping this will also help us to keep everything sorted easier.

3. I ran my performance before April 6th, does that count? 
You must have posted the in the event/mark/time/performance between April 6th, 2020 and May 31st, 2020. All entries outside of that window will not be accepted.

2. Could you consider altitude adjusting times using the NCAA Altitude calculator?

We understand this ask but since our current rankings don't take into account altitude adjustments we won't be taking this into account for the meet.

3. Are distance events allowed to be run on the roads as well as the track?
Yes, distance events are allowed to be on the road. We would actually encourage you to run events on the road or away from schools especially if tracks and schools in your area are closed (See the first rule of the MileSplit Virtual Classic). However, if you are choosing to run on the road, please be safe and smart about your surroundings and stay aware of any traffic conditions. Remember that as well as filling out the Google Form, all events over 800m must send in a screenshot of their race from Garmin, Strava, or another satellite tracking app to prove the full distance was run. We also then know the performance was run during the proper time window, April 6th, 2020 through May 31st, 2020. All entries outside of that window will not be accepted.

4. Can I send in performances for multiple events? 
Yes! We will take your best mark in each event.

5. Can I submit more than one performance for the same event? 
Yes, you can. If you run the Mile on April 7th, 2020 but run faster on May 7th, 2020 we will take the mark from May 7th, 2020 as your better mark. 

6.  Will the leaderboard will be sortable so we can see, for example, where our freshman rank against another freshman, or against runners in our state, etc?

Unfortunately, the boards will not be sortable by grade level or state.  The leaderboards will only be male and female for each event. Since the information is being taken in via Google Form, at this time it is easiest for us from a management standpoint to keep the performances ranked statically by event, time, and gender.

7. Will my performance show up on my MileSplit profile? 

These performances will not be going into our official MileSplit database since they are not an official performance from a meet. We can, however, upload videos of your performance to your profile if you wish. 

8. Can competitors for the longer events (Mile, 5K) still allowed to submit videos in full as proof of our marks?

You are allowed to send in videos for events longer than 800m. We just wanted to keep it easier since filming those events in their entirety can be more challenging.

9. I'm a coach, college athlete, a middle school student. Can I participate? 

Yes, coaches, middle school, and college athletes can also send in times. Coaches and college athletes will be added to a separate leaderboard.

10. Is pacing allowed?

Yes, since this is really just a time trial, pacing is allowed. Please make sure all social distancing guidelines are followed. 

11. Can I send in a pole vault performance?  

We know there are several private pole vault facilities where some athletes can train but for the majority of people who pole vault, they wouldn't be able to participate. We tried to keep the list of available events to things athletes can do with very limited access to facilities, so for that reason, pole vault is not an official event for the MileSplit Virtual Classic and we will not be accepting marks for it. 

12. I'm a hammer or javelin thrower I don't see that as a listed event can I still send in my mark? 

We would love to be able to include all events but we tried to keep it to the core events that are competed widely across the country. Only a small number of states compete in javelin and hammer throw, and many athletes who compete in javelin and hammer often compete in shot and or disc as well. 

12. I see you have listed the mile is it the full mile or 1600m? 

We're looking for the full mile which is 1609.34 meters. 

*Please note that all times are subject to our (the MileSplit staff's) discretion and can be approved or unapproved even after being added to the leaderboards.*

More questions will be added over the coming days, if you have any question have not been answered above or in the initial rules please send them to