Submit Your Performance Today! The MileSplit Virtual Classic

The MileSplit Virtual Classic is in full swing. 

While your high school season may be delayed -- or for some, outright canceled -- we want to give you the opportunity to test your fitness or strength with a challenge. We're bringing you an online competition where we'll track your efforts over nearly two months of effort. 

Our competition will include sprints, mid-distance, distance, throws and jumping events and we'll make sure to keep you honest by updating a weekly national leaderboard of the challenge's top performer. We can't stress enough: BE SMART, BE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE, and follow all state and federal guidelines while you are outside. 

  • Launch Date: April 6 (You must submit a performance that was completed on this date or later)
  • Final Submission Date: May 31 (You must submit a performance that was completed before this date or on it.)

UPDATED: MileSplit Virtual Classic National Leaderboard

Make sure to send a video recording of your performance to for the submission to be official, and complete the Google Form below. Also, make sure to hashtag your efforts #MileSplitVC

FINAL UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who submitted for the MileSplit Virtual Classic. The submission deadline has been reached and we are no longer accepting submissions at this time.  The final update to the MileSpilt Virtual Classic leaderboards will be done on the evening of June 1st, 2020. 

Update: To adhere to most state athletic association guidelines and to preserve eligibility for athletes who decide to take part in this challenge, we have amended our rules to eliminate any prizes at the conclusion of this event. 

Update: Coaches, middle school, and college athletes can also send in times. Coaches and college athletes will be added to a separate leaderboard. 



  • 100m
  • 400m
  • 800m
  • Mile
  • 5K
  • Broad Jump (Ex. Below)
  • Shot Put
  • Discus

Entry Rules And Guidelines:

  • First and foremost, BE SMART and BE SAFE. Please adhere to social distancing and other protocols recommended to you by federal and state guidelines. Do not access facilities that are restricted or closed -- this includes high school facilities.
  • You must have posted the in the event/mark/time/performance between April 6th, 2020 and May 31st, 2020.All entries outside of that window will not be accepted.
  • All official submissions will be taken through the Google Form below. Please make sure that your video submission matches the same email address, name, and mark you used to fill out the Google Form.
  • Events under 1 mile must be recorded in full and sent to MileSplit ( Videos can also be uploaded to your profile if requested --Submission Ex. Bryan Deibel - Mile - 4:45
  • 800m, Mile and 5K times should be logged through Strava or another widely used satellite run tracking app and then sent as screenshots to MileSplit (
  • Jumps and throws videos must be recorded in full and sent to MileSplit, complete with video of the tape measurement.
  • Only marks from the events listed below will be accepted.
  • You may send more than one mark over the challenge's time period. We will take your best mark in each event.
  • Marks that appear to be dishonest will be tossed out. Be HONEST.
  • Please note that all times are subject to our (the MileSplit staff's) discretion and can be approved or unapproved even after being added to the leaderboards.
  • More FAQ's here.
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More FAQ's answered here.


Send us a video of your event afterward and describe to us how it felt. Post on social with the hashtag #MileSplitVC.