Updated Cancellations For State Athletic Associations

The track and field season continues to change across the country. As federal and state leaders meet to discuss ongoing recommendations surrounding the coronavirus, decisions are being made that are making large-scale impacts. 

Sports are a very small part of this equation, but they're nonetheless being effected by the ongoing change. Locally and statewide, athletic associations continue to bring updates to their member schools. 

Below is the current update of track and field seasons on a national scale, from state association to state association. You can also find coronavirus coverage below the table. 

Total States And (District of Columbia) That Have Canceled Thus Far: 51

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Updated State Athletic Association Decisions On Track and Field Seasons

1AlabamaCanceledThe AHSAA made the decision on March 27Link
2AlaskaCanceledThe ASAA made the decision on March 23Link
3ArizonaCanceledThe AIA made the decision on March 30Link
4ArkansasCanceledThe AAA made the decision on April 6Link
5CaliforniaCanceledThe CIF made its decision on April 3Link
6ColoradoCanceledUpdated April 21Link
7ConnecticutCanceledUpdate on April 24Link
8DelawareSuspendedUpdated April 24Link
10FloridaCanceledUpdate on April 20Link
11GeorgiaCanceledUpdated on April 8


12HawaiiCanceledUpdated April 17Link
13IdahoCanceled Link
14IllinoisCanceledUpdated April 21Link
15IndianaCanceledThe IHSAA made its decision on April 2Link
16IowaCanceledUpdated on April 17Link
17KansasCanceledDecision made on March 18Link
18KentuckyCanceledUpdated on April 21Link
19LouisianaCanceledDecision on April 9Link
20MaineCanceledUpdate made on April 7Link
21MarylandCanceledUpdated on April 28Link
22MassachusettsCanceledUpdate on March 30 by MIAA


23MichiganCanceledStatement made on April 3Link
24MinnesotaCanceledUpdate on April 23Link
25MississppiCanceledUpdate on April 16Link
26MissouriCanceledDecision on April 9Link
27MontanaCanceledUpdate on April 22Link
28NebraskaCanceledDecision made on April 2Link
29NevadaCanceledApril 23 update


30New HampshireCanceledUpdate made on March 31Link
31New JerseyCanceledTarget date May 25Link
32New MexicoCanceledThe NMAA made this decision on March 30Link
33New YorkCanceledUpdate on April 27Link
34North CarolinaCanceledLink
35North DakotaCanceledUpdated on May 1Link
36OhioCanceledUpdated on April 21


39PennsylvaniaCanceledUpdated on April 9Link
40Rhode IslandCanceledUpdated on April 24Link
41South CarolinaCanceledUpdated on April 22Link
42South DakotaCanceledUpdated on April 6Link
43TennesseeCanceledUpdate on April 15Link
44TexasCanceledUpdated on April 18Link
45UtahCanceledUpdated on April 14Link
46VermontCanceledUpdated on April 30Link
47VirginiaCanceledUpdated in AprilLink
48WashingtonCanceledDecision made on April 6Link
49West VirginiaCanceled -- Updated on April 21Link
50WisconsinCanceled -- Updated on April 21


51WyomingCanceledUpdated on April 7Link

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