MileSplit Predicts Foot Locker Nationals' Top 7 Finishers

* Foot Locker Nationals is set to have an exciting program in 2019

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The final national championship race of the high school season arrives on Saturday at Balboa Park in San Diego, California. A total of 40 girls and 40 boys will line up at Foot Locker Nationals for a chance to win a race with history, prestige and cache. 

Who will take it? 

There's Graydon Morris, who became just the second four-time boys qualifier in the race's history, or an athlete like Josh Methner, a runner-up at NXN last week and an All-American at this very race last year. Those two seem like candidates to each go after a win. But there are sleepers like Carter Solomon and Evan Bishop, Coen Roberts and Daniel O'Brien, Liam Murphy and Jack Jennings, and Thomas Boyden and Colin Peattie

The girls race will be, arguably, its most front-loaded in years, with defending champion Sydney Masciarelli in for the fight of her life, against the likes of Marlee Starliper -- the Foot Locker Northeast Champion -- and Katelynne Hart and Zofia Dudek, Jenna Hutchins, and Abby Vanderkooi, among others. 

The MileSplit staffers offer their predictions for the top seven finishers in each race below. 

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Foot Locker Boys Championship Predictions (Top 7)

Cory MullJosh MethnerPatrick AndersonGraydon MorrisLiam MurphyGavin SherryCarter SolomonEvan Bishop
Bryan DeibelJosh MethnerGraydon MorrisPatrick AndersonGavin SherryCarter SolomonThomas BoydenJudson Greer
Parker NavarroJosh MethnerGraydon MorrisPatty AndersonLiam MurphyCoen RobertsJack JenningsThomas Boyden
Adair LydenJosh MethnerLiam MurphyPatrick AndersonGraydon MorrisJack JenningsPatrick AndersonCarter Solomon
William GrundyGraydon MorrisJosh MethnerLiam MurphyPatrick AndersonJudson GreerCarter SolomonGavin Sherry
Jason CreasyLiam MurphyGraydon MorrisJosh MethnerPatrick AndersonEvan BishopJudson GreerGavin Sherry
Jeff ParentiJosh MethnerLiam MurphyThomas BoydenGavin SherryColin PeattiePatrick AndersonCarter Solomon
Dan BeckPatrick AndersonGavin SherryGraydon MorrisJack JenningsJosh MethnerLiam MurphyMatthew Farrell
Kyle BrazeilJosh MethnerPatrick AndersonGraydon MorrisLiam MurphyJack JenningsEvan BishopCarter Solomon

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Foot Locker Girls Championship Predictions (Top 7)

Cory MullZofia DudekTaylor EwertKatelynne HartSydney MasciarelliAbby VanderkooiMarlee StarliperKarrie Baloga
Bryan DeibelTaylor EwertZofia DudekMarlee StarliperSydney MasciarelliKatelynne HartAbby VanderkooiJenna Hutchins
Parker NavarroTaylor EwertKatelynne HartZofia DudekMarlee StarliperAbby VanderkooiSydney MasciarelliJenna Hutchins
Adair LydenTaylor EwertJenna HutchinsMarlee StarliperSydney MasciarelliRiley StewartKatelynne HartZofia Dudek
William GrundyTaylor EwertMarlee StarliperKatelynne HartSydney MasciarelliJenna HutchinsZofia DudekAbby Vanderkooi
Jason CreasyJenna HutchinsMarlee StarliperTaylor EwertAbby VanderkooiSydney MasciarelliAva DobsonZofia Dudek
Jeff ParentiMarlee StarliperSydney MasciarelliKatelynne HartJenna HutchinsSkyler WallaceKarrie BalogaMia Barnett
Dan BeckMarlee StarliperAbby VanderkooiSydney MasciarelliTaylor EwertKarrie BalogaZofia DudekTaryn Parks
Kyle BrazeilTaylor EwertMarlee StarliperAbby VandekoiZofia DudekSydney MasciarelliKarrie BalogaKate Wiser