Ask Drew (Hunter) Anything

In need of an answer on a tough question, or seeking help with an issue in cross country? Saw something funny and need an explanation for it? Wondering whether skipping that last rep was worth it in the long run? 

Ask Drew (Hunter)

The Tinman Elite professional and adidas distance runner, a recent a World Championship qualifier who had to withdraw following a foot injury, is becoming MileSplit's resident columnist to answer reader questions. 

Drew is a 2016 graduate of Loudoun Valley High School and one of the best to ever do it in the prep ranks. He was a sub-4 miler in high school and broke two national records, setting the indoor mile standard (3:57.81) and the indoor 3,000 meter record (7:59.33). He was also Foot Locker Nationals Champion. He was the youngest male distance runner to ever turn professional out of high school. 

He'll answer thought-provoking questions twice a month for MileSplit. Drew will answer real questions about real issues felt seasonally in cross country. 

Now, if you want to learn "How to run a faster 5K?" then ask your coach. He/She will have some ideas for that. And if you want to know "What should I eat?" then ask your parents/coaches, as they should also be able to steer your in the right direction. 

This will be an advice column about things that are felt but not necessarily always talked about. Drew will offer his opinion, suggestions, and advice for those seeking answers within their own careers. All submissions will be received by MileSplit and forwarded to Drew for review. We will respect your privacy and can publish a pen-name or pseudonym, as advice columns usually grant.

You can email your questions to Drew at 

Whenever you're ready, we're here to answer your questions. So let us know!