Dear Running: How Do I Sum Up This Year?

Photo Credit: Matthew Boling's Instagram

The nation's top sprinter, and the fastest high school all conditions athlete at 100 meters all-time, tries to sum up what his senior season was like in 2019. If that's possible. 

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By Matthew Boling

Dear Running, 

This year was crazy. Really. I'm not kidding. 

I was blessed with the opportunity to run well and earn some interviews along the way. But it wasn't easy. I had a rollercoaster of emotions as the media attention -- from local press to national -- started to get more prevalent.

But after the regional meet, where I ran 9.98, it was a whole new experience. I had no idea it would get to this level. 

Much of what has happened over the last few months has been written about already, from the tabloid reporter knocking on my family's door one night, to the cowboy hat-wearing security detail following our team around for the Texas state championships. 

I was interviewed by the Dan Patrick Show, The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, and many other big companies. I've been called many things, by many people, and I was never willing to be anything other than myself. I may have dreamed about this for years, all this success that came through years of hard work, but I never anticipated it. Who goes into the year thinking they're going to get nominated for an ESPY? 

So while it was very exciting at first, it began to become a bit overwhelming. 

Truly, it's been a different journey as I've had to stay focused on the track and off. I've never had to worry about outside noise or distractions. But I've made sure to stay grounded off the track and not let the media spotlight get too big. 

I'll always be myself. 

Ultimately, I want to continue to focus on this sport and do what I love to do for a long time. That's what has made this year special. I've had the task of balancing the workouts on the track, the attention off the track, and all that has been a big part of this season. 

But maybe the best outcome in all of this? I've  had the opportunity to make new friendships along the way.

Our team never wavered. We believed in one another every second. And when it was all over, it was just us again, a team that had been through a wild and crazy season. 

That's what I'll probably remember most. 


Matthew Boling

Strake Jesuit, '19

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