MileSplit LIVE: Breaking Down A Wild NBNI Weekend Of Races

On this week's edition of MileSplit LIVE, Bryan and Cory break down a wild weekend of races at New Balance Nationals Indoor. We saw superlative efforts, impossible finishes, remarkable wins and equally heart-wrenching defeats, which all led to an amazing three days at The Armory in New York City. Don't miss a minute of our latest MileSplit LIVE episode. Make sure to check back later tonight for our final release of the MileSplit50 rankings. 

Run of Show: 

  • Mario Heslop Interview [2:15]
  • MileSplit50 No. 5 [13:13]
  • MileSplit50 No. 4 [15:28]
  • MileSplit50 No. 3 [18:00]
  • MileSplit 50 No. 2 [20:15]
  • MileSplit50 No. 1 [22:30]
  • Seniors who could star next year in college indoors [28:05]
  • Who had the better nationals meet for Loudoun Valley: Sam or Jacob? [34:40]
  • Should Morgan Smalls have kept going in the HJ? [38:50]
  • Western Branch shouldn't have been DQ'ed in the SHR [45:00]
  • The best championship performances overall [49:00]
  • Best overall team performance [54:00]
  • The sneaky good outings of NBNI from under-the-radar athletes
  • Our favorite non-track moments [1:01]
  • Video evidence: Cory races Nolan in a 55 [1:03.47]