New Balance Nationals Indoor: Our Staff's Confidence Picks

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- New Balance Nationals Indoor is here and MileSplit's staff is on the ground at The Armory.

Before championship races commence on Friday (first race, the 5K starting at 3:05 p.m.), our staff made a run at confidence picks for the event's key storylines as well as every single championship race in the boys and girls field. 

The staff picks were determined by Cory Mull (MileSplit USA), Bryan Deibel (MileSplit USA), Nolan Jez (MileStat), Dan Beck (PennTrackXC) and Kyle Deeken (MileSplit Missouri). 

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know what you think by tweeting at us @milesplit or sending a message on Instagram @milesplit. 

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New Balance Nationals Indoor Confidence Picks

Cory mullbryan deibelnolan jezdan beckkyle deeken
How many national records will be set? 65444
How fast will Athing Mu Run the 800? 2:01.35 - x2:00.36 - x2:02.36 - x2:01.77 - x2:03.30 - x
What time will Katelyn Tuohy run in the 2-mile?9:37.50 - x9:30.20 - x9:38.00 - x9:46.10 - x9:43 - x
Who breaks more national records: Tuohy or Mu? TieTieTuohy - xMu - xTuohy - x
Does Anna Hall break her pentathlon national record? YesYesYesYesNo - x
Who wins boys 60m?Micah WilliamsMicah WilliamsM. Moore - xMarcellus Moore -xLang - x
Who wins girls 60m? Briana WilliamsBriana WilliamsBriana WilliamsThelma Davies - xWilliams
Who wins boys mile? Nick Foster - xNick Foster - xJake RenfreeJake RenfreeFoster - x
Does Tamari Davis get beat and by whom? Yes - xNoNoNoNo
Does MileSplit50 No. 1 Ashton Allen go down in the 400m and by whom? Yes. Justin RobinsonYes. Justin RobinsonYes, Justin RobinsonYes. Justin Robinson FTWJustin Robinson goes meet record 46.20
How many events (indiv. and relay, girls and boys) does Bullis win?78465

- - - 

boys fieldcory mullbryan deibelnolan jezdan beckkyle deeken
60mMicah WilliamsMicah WilliamsLance LangMarcellus MooreLance Lang
60mHSincere RheaKurt PowdarKurt PowdarKurt PowdarKurt Powdar
200mMarcellus Moore - xMarcellus MooreMario HeslopMarcellus MooreCharles Lewis
400mJustin RobinsonJustin RobinsonJustin RobinsonJustin RobinsonJustin Robinson
800mLuis Peralta - xAlfred ChawonzaLuis PeraltaAlfred ChawonzaLuis Peralta
MileFoster Malleck - xNick FosterJake RenfreeJake RenfreeNick Foster
2-MileRyan OostingRyan OostingRyan OostingLiam MurphyDevin Hart
5KCarter CheesemanCarter CheesemanCarter CheesemanCarter CheesemanCarter Cheeseman
DMRArlington (MA) - xWeddington - xArlington (MA) - xLoudoun ValleyWeddington - x
4xMileLoudoun ValleyLoudoun ValleyLoudoun ValleyLoudoun ValleyLoudoun Valley
SHRWestern Branch - xOscar SmithOscar SmithWestern Branch - xOscar Smith
4x800Loudoun ValleySt. Benedicts PrepSt. BenedictsSt. Benedict's PrepSt. Benedict Prep
LJErick Haddock - xKenneth Wei - xEric Haddock - xEzra Mellinger - xKenneth Wei - x
HJTrey AllenTrey AllenTrey AllenTrey AllenTrey Allen
TJJustin FordeJustin FordeJustin FordeSalif Mane - xJustin Forde
PVNathan Stone - xMax MansonMax MansonMax MansonMax Manson
SPatrick Piperi - xAiden FeltyAiden FeltyAiden FeltyPatrick Piperi - x
WTrey KnightTrey KnightTrey KnightTrey KnightTrey Knight
Mile RWSean GlazeSamuel Allen - xSean GlazeCarson Johnson - xSean Glaze
PentYariel Soto - xJett Kinder Yariel Soto - xYariel Soto - xYariel Soto - x

- - - 

girls fieldcory mullbryan deibelnolan jezdan beckkyle deeken
60mBriana WilliamsBriana WilliamsThelma DaviesThelma DaviesBriana Williams
60mHShadajah BallardJasmine JonesS. BallardJasmine JonesJasmine Jones
200mKayla DavisTamari DavisTamari DavisTamari DavisTamari Davis
400mKayla DavisKimberly HarrisKayla DavisKayla DavisKayla Davis
800mAthing MuAthing MuAthing MuAthing MuAthing Mu
MileVictoria StarcherMarlee StarliperMarlee StarliperMarlee StarliperVictoria Starcher
2-MileKatelyn TuohyKatelyn TuohyKatelyn TuohyKatelyn TuohyKatelyn Tuohy
5KSophia Reynolds - xSophia Reynolds - xS. Reynolds - xSophia Reynolds - xGrace Nolan - x
DMRN. RocklandN. RocklandN. RocklandFM - xN. Rockland
SMRBullisBullis BullisBullis Bullis A
4xMileHilliard Davidson - xHilliard Davidson - xH. Davidson - xHilliard Davidson - xH. Davidson - x
SHRWestern BranchWestern BranchWestern BranchBullis - xWestern Branch
4x200Paul RobesonNansemond RiverBullisBullis ABullis A
4x400Bullis SchoolBullis SchoolBullisBullis ABullis A
4x800Ursuline SchoolMount De Sales AcademyUnion CatholicNeumann GorettiUnion Catholic
LJMorgan SmallsMorgan SmallsLauryn HarrisLauryn HarrisMorgan Smalls
HJMorgan SmallsMorgan SmallsMorgan SmallsAnna Hall - xNyagoa Bayak - x
 TJJasmine MooreJasmine MooreJasmine MooreJasmine MooreJasmine Moore
PVGennifer HeraltaKaeli ThompsonGen HirataKaeli ThompsonJulia Fixsen
SCameron GarabianCameron GarabianMorgan JohnsonKeeley SuzenskiMorgan Johnson
WMonique HardyMonique HardyMonique HardyMonique HardyMonique Hardy
1-Mile RWTaylor EwertTaylor EwertTaylor EwertTaylor EwertTaylor Ewert
PenAnna HallAnna HallAnna HallAnna HallAnna Hall